22 June 2024

Age of Elegance by Intercoiffure Mondial

Intercoiffure Mondial presented its new, inspiring hair fashion collection for 2024 “The Age of Elegance” in Barcelona.

During the two-day congress of the global hairstylists’ association “The World’s Leading Hairdressers”, four hair fashion trends were released: Pure White, Conscious Traveller, Blissful Blue, Orange Crush. With these groundbreaking fashion statements, Intercoiffure Mondial declares: The post-pandemic craziness is over – welcome to “The Age of Elegance”.

Elegance is a question of the art of living – it’s about exquisite taste that lasts and is particularly sustainable and cultivated. Here, less is more. It’s not about wanting to have something quickly or the first best thing with a bling-bling effect. Slow fashion is the order of the day. The global Fashion Team from Intercoiffure Mondial has come together from the four corners the world to create an artful new collection. Under the direction of their Vice President Markus Herrmann, they have created “The Age of Elegance“: “It is always an impressive experience for me: our Fashion Directors from seven regions bring their very different trend visions with them – all interpreting the specifications that I have previously developed together with our Artistic Director Elmarie Lignier,” says Herrmann. “It is an honour and a great pleasure for me to form the individual hair artists into a team. Our aim is to create a diverse trend for all nations and not just for one region of the world. And: we are working on making an Intercoiffure style recognizable – our corporate identity should be visible in the type of photography, clothing and hair art.”

The four trend looks from Intercoiffure Mondial are creative, global and beautiful, turning women and men all over the world into elegant trendsetters. As fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Fashion fades, style lasts forever”.

The moods for the 2024 “The Age of Elegance” collection:

Pure White is minimalist, pure and classic. After Covid, we experienced a “party era” with sexy trends such as the micro-mini skirt and eye-catching cut-outs that liked to cause an exaggerated stir. The Pure White look embraces this opulence but has evolved into a sensual yet classic aesthetic.

Conscious Traveller presents itself with styles that incorporate a touch of ethnic and safari – it’s all about sustainability and ecological awareness. Naturalness and care are part of the Conscious Traveller way of life. Conscious, ethical, sustainable, local, organic, animal-friendly, vegan – no matter what you call it, it’s important to care about where the clothes and fashion come from, who made them and how much energy and resources went into growing and producing them.

Blissful Blue impresses with its vitality, vibrancy and accentuated textures. Strong blues stimulate clear thinking, while lighter, softer blues calm the mind and promote concentration. It is a remarkably elegant color. We can’t get enough of this color, and neither can designers.

Orange Crush are expressive looks with volume and lush colors. In fashion, browns, oranges and purples were considered the groovy colors of the 1970s. The earthy and natural tones are now milder and lighter. Orange is a strong and energetic color and makes you crave summer.

Credits The Age of Elegance – Intercoiffure Mondial
Markus Herrmann / ICD Mondial Vice President – Fashion
Ara Koivula / Fashion director Nordic Region
Anna Pacitto / Fashion director North America
Hiroyuki Obayashi / Fashion director Asia Region
James Calabria / Fashion director Oceania Region
Kay Schneider / Fashion director Western Europe
Marcelo Harin / Fashion director Latin America Region
Natasha Balabanova / Fashion director Eastern Europe
Sebastian Pfister / Master Barber
Joakim Roos / World-Academy
Elmarie Lignier / Creative director
Mario Naegler / Photography and Video
Uwe Scheichel / Make-up
Ruth Kramer / Styling
Peter F. Pfister / Presidente Intercoiffure Mondial


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