21 June 2024

A New Global Brand Ambassador for Schwarzkopf

The New Global Brand Ambassador for Schwarzkopf is the Emmy Award-Winning Actress, Platinum Recording Artist & Advocate Dove Cameron.

Schwarzkopf, the global professional hair expert, announces new Global Brand Ambassador Dove Cameron. The award-winning actress will inspire consumers to tell their hair story through new blonde color innovations and social media campaigns.

Indeed, Schwarzkopf has defined 2024 as the Year of the Blonde. They know very well that behind every person’s hair color is a story of courage, empowerment, and trust. In an effort to inspire consumers to tell their story, Schwarzkopf premiered their highly visual TV commercial and campaign on March 5th. The commercial featured Global Brand Ambassador Sofia Vergara and Global Color Ambassador Chris Appleton. Now, they hope to target a broader audience by tapping into Dove’s film, television, and music career and encouraging consumers to own and tell their hair story.

Schwarzkopf’s “What Story Will You Tell?” campaign is more than just a tagline. It aims to inspire consumers to show up as their true selves and own the story they want to tell the world. They believe that beauty is the radiance that’s exuded when your appearance reflects how you feel inside. It therefore follows that your hair is a mirror and canvas to craft your story. Schwarzkopf elevates its consumers through hair so they can step into every moment with confidence and own their story, on their terms.

About New Global Brand Ambassador Dove Cameron

For over a decade, Dove Cameron has been an Emmy-winning actress, platinum recording artist, and advocate. She brings her vocal talents, beauty, comedic timing, and strong performances to her projects. All of them continue to cement her as one of Hollywood’s leading talents. This past December, Dove released the first volume of her highly anticipated two-part debut album, Alchemical: Volume 1. Embracing the essence of alchemy, the album represents Dove’s powerful and transformative journey. She takes tragedy and turns it into art, all while reinforcing music’s ability to inspire, empower and heal. She is expected to release Alchemical: Volume 2 in 2024.

As Dove‘s life and music career has transformed, so has her hair, an essential part of anyone’s identity. Over the years Dove’s hair color has changed from blonde to red to black and more. Sometimes her look is edgy, sometimes it’s playful. No matter the look, she is always a proponent of looking however you feel and not worrying about how others perceive you. This is why Schwarzkopf’s campaign resonated with her so much.

Dove has long been a genuine fan of Schwarzkopf products. Now she will represent the outcome clients can expect when they opt for salon services using Schwarzkopf products.

What they are saying

“I am so excited to be Schwarzkopf’s new Brand Ambassador,” said Dove. “This partnership means a lot to me because it’s a brand that I actually use and have loved for such a long time. My hair journey started when I was only 8 years old when I became obsessed with the power of dyeing my hair and experimenting with identity and character and the control that that gives me as an artist. I had a very specific hair color during a very formative time in my life when I started in film and television that became the color that I was known for. My identity has changed a lot as I’ve gotten older and found myself. Hair color has been a big part of being able to claim my identity over and over whenever I feel the need to. Changing my hair color makes me feel renewed, reset, and fresh. Moreover, Schwarzkopf is the only brand – and blonde – I trust.”

Chris McClement, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Henkel North America remarked, “It has been so exciting to see the response from our alignment with current brand partners, Sofia Vergara and Chris Appleton. And now, we are reaching out to a larger, more diverse audience by joining forces with Dove Cameron. She has gone through an evolution personally, with her career and with her style. We’re thrilled she chose Schwarzkopf to be at the forefront of her hair evolution. Henkel has always been committed to providing high-quality innovations & formulas. We are excited to see what stories Dove helps us to tell in our continued work together.”


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