13 June 2024

Hydro Hair – Make a Splash into Summer!

With this year’s red carpet and runways awash with hydro hairstyles, the new semi-wet texture is making a splash. It also helps keep day two hair looking fresh.

Hydro Hair
America Ferrara at the 2024 Oscars. Photo by Getty Images.

Hydro hair simply means giving dry hair gloss and moisture and having the effect of semi-wet locks versus the ‘glass’ and ‘glazed donut’ completely drenched wet looks of last yearDripping with elegance, actresses such as J-Lo, Laura Harrier and America Ferrera, Taylor Russell and Dua Lipa have recently sported the glossy semi wet look – giving glamour, style, and shine in abundance.

Fudge Professional Global Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew talks about how to achieve this modern, fresh take on hydro-look locks:

“Jonathan says: “Hydro hair is such a modern, cool look and easily achievable for clients,” explains Fudge Professional Global Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew. “You create the style you want whilst dry – it’s about the products to create the look to give the semi-wet shine finish. Firstly, it works with the natural texture of the client’s hair, as you can control, manipulate, and shape it with your natural movement.

“The big mistake people personally make is that they always reach for gel, this goes against everything – it can be a great product overall and has lots of uses, but for hydro hair specifically you’ll find it makes everything too stiff rather than the seamless soft, semi-wet style you’re looking to achieve. I like to ensure hair is tangle free and correctly prepped before I add definition and the wet look gloss. My hero product for achieving this look is Fudge Professional Hed Shine. It will make the look ‘pop’ and give it that enviable gloss”


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