21 June 2024

Creative Revolution: Noise Debuts in Warsaw!

Next Tuesday, May 28th, Warsaw (Poland) will host the Noise hair event for the first time, marking a significant moment in the city’s creative calendar.

Created by the visionary Richard Ashforth, Noise is renowned for breaking the mold of traditional corporate hair shows, offering a platform for unbridled creativity and innovation. The event will unfold at the Kultura Wysoka space in Warsaw , a venue that echoes Noise’s ethos of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Noise Warsaw 2024 lineup boasts an impressive roster of international hairdressing talents including Saco, X-Presion, PG.Zoo, Sebastian Curylo, Andrew Krupchinsky, and Anton Kochetkov. Each team is set to bring their unique flair and pioneering techniques to the stage, promising an evening of inspirational hairstyles and groundbreaking presentations. Noise has been a beacon for raw creativity since its inception in 2012, providing a vibrant alternative to the more sedate and often inaccessible traditional shows. Its format strips back the commercial gloss, allowing the pure artistry of hairdressing to shine through, inspiring a generation of stylists hungry for innovation.

The event has historically drawn attention at iconic venues such as the Ebisu Liquid Room in Tokyo, the ICA in London, and the Whiskey a Go-Go in LA. NOISE’s commitment to showcasing top creative talent has set new benchmarks within the industry, proving the boundless potential of hairdressing. As it precedes the upcoming HairCon in Manchester (June 22nd-24th), where Noise will also feature prominently, the Warsaw event is poised to be a thrilling preview of what’s to come.

Estetica Magazine, always at the forefront of hairdressing trends, will be there to capture every moment, ensuring that enthusiasts and professionals alike don’t miss a beat of this transformative event. Attendees in Warsaw can expect an evening where hair, in all its glory, takes center stage, leaving them in awe of the limitless creativity and skill of these remarkable teams.

For more information and tickets, please visit noisewarsaw.pl


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