21 June 2024

Rooted Rose Gold Radiance with Pravana 

“Rooted Rose Gold” by Pravana Global Artistic Mentor Ashley Krupa Berg is the perfect summer refresh trend!

This Rooted Rose Gold is a radiant alternative to refresh your look as summer approaches. PRAVANA Global Artistic Mentor Ashley Krupa Berg shares her how-to for this “Rooted Rose Gold” makeover – a warm, sophisticated alternative to traditional summer blondes. Ashley relies on Pravana’s ChromaSilk HydraGloss professional hair color. Pravana artists are always leading trendsetters in color!

I was really inspired to create a rose gold look because warmer blondes are trending right now. It’s so refreshing!” says Berg. “I loved working on her naturally curly hair and embracing all the different dimension her hair picked up. It was important for me to maintain as close to her natural color as possible to allow for an easier grow out.” Then she added her special tip to capture the “radiance“. “Keeping so much depth at the root gives the mid strand to ends more of a pop and helps it look brighter.”

Rooted Rose Gold Radiance: Get the Look

Lightening Formula 20g PRAVANA Pure Light Blonding Creme + 40g PRAVANA Zero Lift Creme Developer 

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Shadow Root Formula PRAVANA ChromaSilk HydraGloss 40g 4Nt + 20g 6Abv + 3g 7Cr + 63g PRAVANA Zero Lift Creme Developer 

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Mid-lengths and Ends Formula PRAVANA ChromaSilk HydraGloss 80g Clear + 10g 9Gbv + 11g 7Cr + 101g PRAVANA Zero Lift Creme Developer 


  1. Section the hair into the PRAVANA standard 4 quadrants by taking a radial parting from ear to ear and a vertical parting from nose to nape.
  2. Beginning in the nape area working your way towards the front. Take ¼” diagonal back partings applying the Lightening Formula with a free-hand balayage technique. Pro Tip: Apply a single foil as a barrier to keep your sections clean.
  3. Continue in this pattern moving to horizontal partings as you follow the round of the head.
  4. Process up to 55 minutes at room temperature. Check every 5 to 10 minutes until you reach a Level 10.
  5. Cleanse with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Cleanse and towel-dry.
  6. Section the hair into the same 4 quadrants as in Step 1.
  7. Starting in the nape area, take ¼” diagonal back partings and melt the HydraGloss Shadow Root Formula into the HydraGloss Mid-lengths and Ends Formula. Vary how much you drag the shadow root down: more in the back and less towards the front.
  8. Continue this pattern throughout the entire head. Move to horizontal partings as you follow the round of the head. Pro Tip: HydraGloss can be applied to dry or well towel-dried hair so there is no need to dry the hair 100% after removing the lightener!
  9. Process 20 minutes at room temperature.
  10. Cleanse and condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect regimen and style as desired. 


  • Artist: Ashley Krupa Berg, PRAVANA Global Artistic Mentor (@TheGirl_WithPurpleHair) 
  • Makeup: @TheArtistryOfEm
  • Wardrobe: @SarahNearIsStyle 


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