13 June 2024

Timeless Elegance & Contemporary Flair

Hair icon Anthony Mascolo has partneres with Frank Brormann to introduce Calligraphy Cut’s dubut collection. The three looks embody a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair.

Timeless Elegance

Anthony Mascolo, Renowned for his visionary contributions to hairdressing, this project marks a significant return for Anthony Mascolo as it’s his first major venture in years. It promises to redefine the boundaries of modern hair design. A fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair, each style showcases his signature blend of sophistication and innovation:

1. Casual Bob

Timeless Elegance

Ideal for experimental styling, this casual bob offers versatility and elegance for any occasion.

2. Short Layered Cut

Timeless Elegance

Textured and dynamic, this short, layered cut derives its unique movement from the precision of the calligraphy technique.

3. Classic Long Hair

Timeless Elegance

Emphasising natural fullness, elasticity, as well as effortless styling options, this classic long hair look epitomizes Anthony Mascolo’s enduring influence on the industry.

“Working with Frank and Calligraphy Cut has been a rejuvenating experience,” comments Anthony Mascolo. “Frank’s passion and dedication reignited my own creative fire, leading to the development of this exceptional collection. It’s a celebration of timeless beauty and modern innovation.”

Frank Brormann echoes Anthony’s sentiments: “Collaborating with Anthony Mascolo has been a dream come true. From our initial meeting to the creation of this collection, it’s been a journey fuelled by passion as well as mutual respect. This collaboration represents a fusion of our visions and expertise. It also helps set new standards in the industry.”

Hair: Anthony Mascolo Photography: Anthony Mascolo and Panos Damaskinidis Project Lead: Dennis van Lierop Make Up: Pat Mascolo & Amy Barrington Producer: Mike Esa Casting Director: Annette Russel 


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