13 June 2024

Physical Well-Being While Cutting Hair

Having a high-quality, ergonomically designed pair of scissors is one of the first steps to physical well-being at the salon. It can help avoid the aches and pains and more serious injuries that can affect hard-working hairdressers.

Physical Well-Being

However, even when you have the perfect cutting tools, there are still measures you can take to limit pressure on your hands and wrists, according to scissors expert Kasho Scissors. “Scissors are the tool we work with every day and while they are ergonomically designed to limit wrist and shoulder aggravations, there’s also things hairdressers should be doing to make sure they are cutting injury free,” says Director at Kasho Scissors, Benjamin Shipman. “Small steps can make a big difference to how your body feels at the end of a busy day and consequently improve your physical well-being.”

Benjamin Shipman has these four tips for caring for your body while you’re cutting hair:

Perfect the proper grip

It’s vital to hold your scissors using a relaxed and natural grip. The thumb should rest in the thumb ring, and the remaining fingers in the finger ring, allowing for controlled and precise movements. It’s all about limiting the strain put on your hand and wrist during a day of cutting, and gripping the scissors in this way should become second nature.

Watch your body position

Ensure you maintain a comfortable and upright posture while cutting. It’s so easy to end up slouching, or constantly bending to hear what the client is saying but try to avoid this where possible. It’s not just your hands and wrists that can suffer; backs and shoulders can also feel the strain. Also, try to avoid excessive bending of the wrist or overreaching, as these can lead to discomfort and strain.

Take regular breaks

While the first thing you might think about during a break is grabbing a coffee or a snack, also take time between cutting sessions to stretch and relax your hands, wrists, and shoulders. This helps prevent cumulative strain injuries associated with prolonged use.

Customise your scissors

Make sure your scissors are working with you to avoid unnecessary strain. Adjust the scissor tension and finger rest to suit your individual preferences. Experiment with different settings to find the configuration that best accommodates your hand size and cutting technique.


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