21 June 2024

ROAR Hair & Beauty Salons’ Sustainable Initiatives for Earth Month

As Earth Month draws to its close, we focus on ROAR Hair & Beauty Salons’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

ROAR Hair & Beauty

As a salon that prioritises creating the best experience for their clients while minimising their impact on the planet, ROAR Hair & Beauty has implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy that sets them apart from other salons in the industry. “At ROAR, we are passionate about creating the best experience possible, with the least impact on our planet,” says Owner, Brian Leo McCallum. “We go above and beyond what many other salons do with regards to sustainability. We don’t just recycle and use products free of plastic; we’ve implemented Eco Heads to reduce our water consumption, environmentally friendly dry towels, offer refill services on products, and ensure all client refreshments are in reusable crockery, to name a few.”

ROAR Hair & Beauty

Commitment to reducing the carbon footprint

ROAR have a variety of initiatives in place to lessen their impact on the environment. From using recyclable coffee pods to unbleached and biodegradable teabags, the salon continues to make small changes that can make a big difference. They have also partnered with brands that share their values of sustainability, such as KAO retail products, which are developed with more natural and clean ingredients. One of the salon’s main focuses this year is to work with a green energy provider, further demonstrating their commitment to their carbon footprint. “We never stop when it comes to looking at more ways to be sustainable,” says Leo. “We continue to look at new ways in which we can improve and up our game in helping do our bit for the planet.”

Prioritising eco-conscious practices

Sustainability has become increasingly important to ROAR’s clients, who have been prioritising eco-conscious practices when choosing services and products. “Clients are more inclined to purchase retail from brands that are committed to being more sustainable and that are developed with more natural/clean ingredients,” says Leo. In addition to their sustainable initiatives, ROAR ensure that sustainable practices are a key topic of discussion when it comes to education and training with their team. By doing so, they are not only attracting a new clientele to their salon and building trust with their clients but also doing their part to help make the world a better place.

As the salon industry continues to trend towards eco-friendly and biodegradable product packaging, water-saving technologies, energy-efficient tools, and natural, organic ingredients, ROAR are leading the way in sustainable practices. This Earth Month, they invite their clients and the community to join them in their mission to create a more environmentally conscious future.

For more information about the ROAR Salons and their sustainable initiatives, please CLICK HERE to visit their website.


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