21 June 2024

Lea Shaw – Interview with the JOICO Blonde Ambassador

JOICO are on a mission to transform the blonde world by creating a league of exceptional Blonde Ambassadors. These blonde specialists are setting the hair industry ablaze with their talent and dedication to getting the brightest, healthiest blondes. Lea Shaw recently became the UK’s Blonde Ambassador.

Lea Shaw

Lea Shaw is an expert in blonding and a massive fan of the JOICO Blonde Life Range. We chatted to Lea Shaw about becoming the UK’s Blonde Ambassador and why she loves blondes!

Why did you become a JOICO blonde ambassador?

“I’ve worked with JOICO for nearly 12 years now, I became the UK’s blonde ambassador as I know the products inside out. Over the years, I have tried hundreds of different products for blonde hair, and there is nothing I have found that compares to the Blonde Life products from JOICO. The versatility of the products and the condition of the hair after is unmatched”.

Why have you chosen to specialise in working with blonde hair?

“Blonde hair is always going to be classic and timeless! Every decade in history, there’s always been ‘that blonde’ that has been iconic. Think Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Pamela Anderson. Blonde is so versatile and can be bespoked for each individual personality, the options are endless”.

What is your favourite shade of blonde?

“I’m warm fan for sure, give me the honeys and the golden blondes any day! The trend in warm blonde hair is continuing and I love it! Celebrities like Margot Robbie and Blake Lively have been sporting a sun-kissed golden blonde, we will definitely be seeing more and more celebrities embracing warm hues this year. I think the buttery, muted Beige and golden blondes are going to continue into 2024”.

What’s your go to formula for that perfect blonde?

“I don’t really have a go to formula. It totally depends on what the client is wanting and needing, but I have to say I am loving the JOICO’s Lumishine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color in Violet Gold! Adding gold will be your best friend when trying to get your client’s hair bright and reflecting off the light!”.

What conversation do you have with a client before going blonde?

“I think the biggest thing is making sure the client is aware of the maintenance needed for going blonde! If it was easy, everyone would be a blonde! The after-care is an essential for keeping the blondes healthy and brighter, so you have to make sure your client is willing to commit to the blonde life!”.

Can anyone go blonde?

“Overtime anyone can go blonde if hair condition allows! However, do not expect to go blonde in one session if you come to me with black box dye or bright red hair, it will not be happening! Even those with lighter colours, such as light brown, take at least two sessions to get that bright beautiful blonde. Be patient!”.


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