19 May 2024

Beautiful Luxurious Hair with Darren Ambrose

Beautiful luxurious and healthy-looking is the only way to wear hair in 2024. With Summer just around the corner and a range of techniques and products available, clients can have beautiful hair every day.

Darren Ambrose from D&J Ambrose for L’Oréal Professionnel says we’re being bombarded with glossy imagery every day. “As consumers we are seeing expensive, luxurious styling from designer brands through their glossy advertising in magazines, socials and TV. So our clients want a piece of that and we can offer it through their hair.

Beautiful Luxurious

“A good in depth consultation is so vitally important. The language and vocabulary used will quite often be the make or break of the service you are about to give them and the end result,” Darren explains.  “We are seeing the slick and polished vibe hitting the runway which clients are loving, so as a company we will often reference designers and their campaign and runway images to create a visual during the consultation. For example, the Gucci Bob, Prada Slick, Chanel Classic, Yamamoto Anti Symmetry. These are some designers that would mentally create an image with high-end finish and luxury.

Darren’s top tips for designer luxury hair

1 Research current runway movements and stories, fashion trends in well-known brands and young up and coming creative designers. You will then have good knowledge to relay and support your consultation.

2 Remember it is so important to get your consultation bang on, analysing the client on their wants and needs and for you to then deliver. Listen to them, ask the right questions and add your creative signature where needed; that happy client will be a loyal client.

3 A L’Oreal Professionnel Glossing service in-between colour services and Absolut Repair Molecular treatment are a must for that premium finish refreshing the colour tonality in the hair and treatment structure will give that luxury edge.

4 Styling product choice is so important to support your finished image on the client. Remember the products are there to layer up to give on-trend vibes.

5 Your blow-drying techniques are really important for the finish of the hair. Make sure you have a good tension when drying, but also remember when to use the dryer and when to natural air dry on long and short hair. It’s important to understand the difference it makes to the finish of the hair.


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