25 April 2024

Spring Equinox – Get Colour – Ready for the New Season!

21st March is the Spring Equinox, which means Winter is officially behind us and we’re entering the happy season! And with the clocks going forward this weekend, we can expect much needed longer days and lighter nights.

The Spring Equinox is also the perfect opportunity to talk to clients about getting their hair spring ready, upgrading their colour and updating their haircuts. evo international creative colour director Tom Smith says 2024 is about attention to detail and celebrating the craft of hairdressing and with this, keeping clients excited about their hair.

Spring Equinox

“Spring 2024 offers an indulgent selection of shades that provide confidence and glow for the wearer with a real feeling of warmth and joy,” says Tom. “Many people don’t want a drastic change for the new season; it’s the gradual evolution of their hair plan that keeps them feeling cared for and inspired by their hair. This can be simply shifting the tone or playing with the placement of light and shade. I advise every colourist I teach and work with to develop the habit of mood boarding. Putting inspirational images into albums and folders on your phone, allows you to see a timeline of how your colour tastes have developed. When you know how your tastes are developing, it’s easy to suggest new ideas and keep your clients inspired and motivated by change.”

Tom offers his top tips for inspiring colour clients this Spring

1 Prioritise shine.

All the trending hair colours at the moment showcase real vibrancy and intensity, and so keeping the hair in perfect condition, while using high shine products, is crucial to the success of these looks. Almost every one of my vibrant or vivid clients take evo love touch shine spray home with them as well as moisture masks like evo great hydrator for silkiness and shine, plus Olaplex No.3 for perfectly formed foundations of strength on a molecular level. evo top drop works perfectly with any other chemical processes or bond builders to be the very last step of your process adding instant incredible shine.

2 Welcome in the new excitement around the full warm palette.

It’s been a long time since vivid red and violet-red tones have been requested in salons, and that’s about to change. Cowgirl copper gives way to bold tones of true red, while 2024 is the year of the brunette as multiple tones of taupe, mushroom and burgundy offer a plethora of inspiration for those yearning for the deeper shades. Familiarise yourself with that side of the colour palette and make sure your stock levels are topped up. Do some swatches to test colours you may not be familiar with and start mood boarding for when you need client inspiration. Consider getting a content model in to film and post on social media, and invest some time in creating content, it’s sure to help your tribe find you.

3 Consider incorporating natural grey hair into your colour designs.

It’s no longer always about solid opaque coverage and using the grey hair as part of the overall design is becoming more exciting, but many clients don’t know this to be an option or even what to ask for. Familiarise yourself with all the various options for incorporating grey hair, such as adjusting your highlight pattern to work with the scattering of natural grey, or even utilising demi permanent such as evo hue-verse to gently blend them away rather than automatically covering them up. You can intentionally choose a formula that will colour the greys a different colour to the base colour, giving the most incredible iridescence and multi-tonal results to lighter brunette or darker blonde tones.


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