21 April 2024

Pegasus Combs: collaborating with extraordinary hairstylists

Pegasus Combs and Estetica Hair renew a successful partnership with international ambassadors.

The 2023 collaboration between Estetica network and Pegasus focused on the creation of 60 reels and original “how-to” contents. These were then published on social channels and collected under the hashtag #EsteticaCrew, demonstrating the performance and quality of these combs produced in India and used by stylists worldwide.
The project gave the brand very high visibility, totaling more than 2.5 million impressions on Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, the engagement of thousands of followers enabled them to learn from pro tips and secrets from extraordinary hairdressers. In 2024, the the two companies renewed the collaboration with 7 renowned hairstylists from 7 nations. Indeed, the first videos are already on Instagram under #EsteticaCrew!

The story of Pegasus

Pegasus has always stood by those in the hairdressing business who make beauty and hair health their top priority, producing cutting-edge products that offer infinite styling possibilities. The story of the prestigious Pegasus brand began long ago: in 1961 Lookman Qadir founded Presto Industries and began producing combs 1977. In 1995 the company set out on the corporate mission to create versatile combs for all hairstyles. After years of research and development, in 2012 Pegasus was born. This was the company’s first brand of combs in hard rubber using Flexinite technology.

Top Ambassadors

Here are the top five hairstylists of the 2023 edition, selected by our editors:


Anna Barocca has a solid 25 years of experience in the sector. She began training at the tender age of 14 and considers hairdressing her true calling. Since the first time she stepped into a salon she has always dreamt of becoming a professional hairdresser. Today she continues working to achieve her dream. In 1999 she opened her first Salone Anna Barroca, a brand of high impact, boasting an urban style that is accessible to all, breaking away from the usual hair salons in Andorra. It made all the difference in terms of style and image.

She has created memorable looks for fashion magazines in Spain and her work has appeard in both Spanish and international publications in Russia, Italy, and Germany. Her strongest talents lie in training, an activity where she continues to demonstrate her creativity and her passion for her chosen profession. Her determination is as evident today as on her first day of work and everything she does reflects this.

See one of Anna Barroca’s videos as Pegasus Combs Ambassaor here.


Harri Akerbergis a multi-talented visionary. He wants to inspire people and share knowledge and is especially keen on editorial content and avant-garde looks. Harri studied to become a hairdresser, dedicating time also the chemistry for beauty and marketing at university. He has also completed in many events, winning dozens of awards. Together with his husband, Joni Laulumaa, who is also a hairdresser, he opened the Atmos Helsinki Salon. Every day at work is hectic, but they also love downtime at home.

Here is one of Harri Akerberg’s video as a Pegasus Combs Ambassador.


HC Salon is the brainchild of Andrea Bozzano. His objective was to create a new enterprise for providing high-quality services, affordable for even younger clients, and initially recognized in Turin and then all over Italy. HC Salon opened its doors in July 2016 in Turin, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 9 and, thanks to the team’s commitment, the salon grew quickly. In December 2019 the salon took on a much bigger space in a second location, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 32.
HC Salon did not limit itself to Turin and in July 2021 a new shop opened in downtown Florence. Even the pandemic could not stop the opening of yet another HC Salon in Monza, in November 2021. HC Salon represents a dream come true, a business that cannot be described in words, but must be experienced. When you step foot in one of these salons there is an overwhelming sense of positive energy. The determination of these young people to push their own limits and surpass their own expectations is palpable. They love their work and the big family they have created. They are fully aware that they are fully responsible for their own growth.

One of the videos of HC Salon Pegasus Combs Ambassador here.


Josh Demarco is a hairdresser from Philadelphia, an international educator and co-founder of DAPR Grooming Parlour (an award-winning men’s salon). He currently works in the prestigious Rittenhouse district of Center City, Philadelphia.
Josh was recently nominated as one of the “100 Game Changers” of the year by Modern Salon Magazin, an enormous honor. Continuing growth and training are Josh’s main priorities, both as an educator and student. Josh earned his degree at the Aveda Institute and holds several certifications in many advanced cutting and coloring courses, including Wella Cut Craft and ABC di Sassoon.
Josh is a passionate professional, generous with the sharing of his skills with others, helping them to achieve success.

From 2015 to 2020 Josh was a finalist in Behind The Chair’s “OneShot” Awards for the best hair cut. He was nominated one of the best men’s hairdressers by Philadelphia Magazine and Philadelphia Style Magazine. In 2016 he won Wella’s Regional Trend Vision Awards, together with Sebastian Professionals “What’s Next Awards” People’s Choice, which stand witness to his dedication and commitment to his craft. He continues to travel worldwide, teaching the art of cutting hair and was recently asked to become a founding member of the Intercoiffure Cutting Council for North America.

Here is a video of Josh Demarco as Pegasus Comb Ambassador.


Simon Townley is a Matrix professional hairdresser and artist creator of @Hairsocials and know more commonly for his work with influencers, celebrities and international and premier league soccer players. He is also a Brand ambassador for Gamma UK and Pegasus.

Simon’s story with hairdressing began over 10 years ago and he decided to open his own business in 2014. As a member of the L’Oreal ‘ID‘ team, Simon is specialized on all aspects of the hairdressing business. After having travelled to cut hair for the UK soccer team for Euro 2016, he is about the start up his own line of education.

Here you can find one of Simon Townley’s videos as Pegasus Combs Ambassador.


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