21 April 2024

OVA Collection by Hermi López

In recognition of a career already spanning 25 years, Hermi López presents the OVA Collection. It a symbol letter of gratitude to all those professionals who have accompanied her on her journey so far.

OVA Collection

The inspiration for the OVA Collection came from a fashion show by designer Sergio Gau. There, the spark ignited in Hermi López to create this collection. A simple idea transforming the designer’s proposals into unique expressions and bringing them to the latest hair trends.

The OVA Collection is also a journey through time, reflecting different decades, and what Hermi López wants to communicate through colour, movement, and different textures in natural hair. Her styles are a gem that enhances the unique beauty of each woman, highlighting her personality and colours that illuminate her face revealing an expression of confidence and empowerment.

Hair: Hermi López Assistants: Llúcia López and Laura Martínez Make-up: Anastasia Pavlova Photos: David Arnal


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