21 April 2024

Omnium Collection by Anna Pacitto

In the heart of Montreal, a vibrant display unfolded at Salon Pure of renowned Canadian hair artist Anna Pacitto.

Anna Pacitto‘s latest creation, ‘Omnium,’ is more than just a collection of hairstyles – it’s a testament to the rich tapestry of humanity. Inspired by the Latin word meaning “everyone and everything,” Omnium celebrates the diversity of individuals and the beauty found within imperfections.

With meticulous attention to detail, Anna crafted hairstyles that mirrored the essence of each person, embracing their uniqueness with every stroke of her brush. Through a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and forms, the collection transcended mere hairdressing, becoming an expression of love, compassion, and acceptance.

As the world beheld the ‘Omnium’ collection, it was reminded that true beauty lies not in conformity, but in the celebration of our differences. Through Anna Pacitto’s artistry, a message echoed: in our diversity, in our imperfections, we find the essence of our shared existence, where every individual is a masterpiece in their own right.

Pacitto is the winner of numerous prestigious awards, including Canadian Master Hairstylist of the Year (four times), NAHA Master North American Stylist of the Year, and NAHA North American Stylist of the Year. Salon Pure has won three NAHAs as Salon Team of the Year and collectively the Pure group has won 17 NAHA awards. Anna’s list of accomplishments embodies the aspirations of countless hair professionals and make her one of the most empowering and knowledgeable artists on the Davines Artistic Team. Additionally, Pacitto is the current Artistic Director of Intercoiffure America-Canada.

Hair: Anna Pacitto
Hair & Artistic Direction Salon Pure Team: Isabelle Lachance, Daniel Benoit, Richard St Laurent, MJ Medeiros, Nik Morel, Cynthia Vieilledent, Dax Anderson
MUA: @ekat_ulya @alexandredeslauriers
Styling: Florence O. Durand
Couture: Maria Arciero
Model: @cocolabbee @humankindmgmt
Photo: John Rawson assisted by Paul Gill


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