21 April 2024

Prioritise Client Wellbeing – Embrace the Transformative Power of Great Lengths Extensions

Great Lengths is taking a pioneering stance to prioritise client wellbeing by championing the transformative power of hair extensions. Founded in Rome, Italy, in 1992, Great Lengths has become synonymous with unparalleled quality and innovation, making them a global leader in the hair extension industry.

Prioritise Client Wellbeing

Great Lengths‘ success has its roots in the brand’s unwavering commitment to both quality and scientific inventiveness including the introduction of the first ultrasonic machine. The journey begins in India, where Great Lengths ethically and responsibly sources their hair, ensuring traceability throughout the entire process. This dedication to ethical practices culminated in the proud achievement of becoming a B Corporation in 2022. “Becoming a B Corp marks a significant milestone for us,” explains Joscelin McCourt, CEO of HB Collective, home of Great Lengths. “It signifies our commitment to constant growth and change, aligning ourselves with a global network of companies dedicated to manufacturing products through a sustainable business model.”

Perfect Solution for Confidence Building

Made from premium 100% human hair, Great Lengths hair extensions are the perfect solution for building confidence by achieving the hair of your clients’ dreams, whether it’s with length, volume, or colour. Customised and with the choice of two premium application methods – GL Pre-Bonded extensions or GL Tapes, as well as a range of over 90 colours including Natural, Rooted, Piano, or the Fashion Colour range, there really is something for everyone.

“As a salon owner and stylist, I understand the importance of well-being and self-care in today’s world,” shares Beverley Rosser, owner of Great Lengths Elite Salon, Rosser Hairdressing in Liverpool. “Utilising innovative techniques, like bespoke bond sizing, allows me to not only enhance the confidence and self-esteem of my clients but also build long-lasting relationships. Whether it’s addressing hair thinning or creating a more voluminous look, I can skilfully place eyelash fine strands in areas that clients never thought possible, particularly focusing on the front areas commonly affected by hair loss.”

More the Just a New Look

Recognising that a visit to the salon transcends more than just a new look, it also has therapeutic potential. For individuals grappling with mental health challenges, the salon chair serves as a sanctuary—a haven to share thoughts, confront struggles, and seek solace. Great Lengths stylists comprehend the profound impact of a haircut or extension application on mental wellbeing. “At Hair by Kirby Blythe, we are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and compassionate space where each client feels valued, supported, and uplifted,” continues salon owner and GL Master, Kirby Blythe. “I believe in the transformative potential of a salon appointment, as well as fostering a sense of community and empathy beyond beauty.”

Little Princess Trust

What sets Great Lengths apart is not just their commitment to quality but also their dedication to social responsibility. As champions of ethical and superior quality hair, Great Lengths proudly collaborates with children’s charity Little Princess Trust. This partnership enables extension wearers to make a difference by donating used Great Lengths hair, which is then transformed into wigs, restoring the confidence of young people facing hair loss due to cancer treatment or other conditions.

Champions of R&D

Great Lengths recognises the importance of ongoing research and development to meet evolving client needs and industry standards. Through collaborations with scientists, hair experts, and trendsetters, Great Lengths stays ahead of the curve, introducing cutting-edge techniques and products that redefine beauty standards.Great Lengths have always championed hair extensions as the ideal way to bring out natural beauty – regardless of age. That stereotypical view of extensions being too long, too young, too fake – it’s outdated and couldn’t be further from the truth! “Extensions are about showcasing the best version of you,” concludes Joscelin. “It’s more than just hair – it’s about how you feel – and let’s face it, regardless of your age, everyone wants to feel confident in their own skin!”

Interested in becoming a Great Lengths certified stylist? Please email: sales@greatlengthshair.co.uk or call +44 (0) 113 278 1292 speak to the Great Lengths team.

Creative Directors: Rick & Zoe Roberts Photography: Richard Miles Hair: Jo Fox, Linda Thornton, Katie Hemming & Jade Hobster Make-up: Roseanna Velin Stylist: Robert Morrison


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