21 April 2024

Dynamic Meetings that Motivate

3 dynamic meeting styles explained by Salon Owner, and Eufora Business Trainer, Angela Gagie. Learn how to promote team building and salon development.

Meetings. We all know about them, and often envision a large table with people seated around it looking bored to death. This vision does not leave a favorable impression, especially when it comes to creative stylists.  Engaging round-table conversation, however, is exactly what every team needs to grow. The content just needs to be engaging and a little fun.

Angela Gagie of Essense Salon and Sanctuary, London, Ontario, Canada

Eufora Business Trainer, and salon owner, Angela Gagie, has identified the three types of meetings most essential to building a dynamic salon and team.

1. One-on-One Meetings (Quarterly)

One-on-Ones are so important to team members! This is how you connect with them, grow with them, and keep them on a strategic mission. Indeed, a Gallup survey found that teams engaged with regular one-on-one meetings are 16% more profitable. One-on-Ones promote focus, contribution, and alignment. All three help strengthen relationships and give your team a voice. Without them stylists can become demotivated. This is especially true of those in the millennial age group.

Photo: Alexander Suhorucov

Easy does it

A One-on-One should feel comfortable and relaxed. It is just a conversation – nothing to stress over. Begin with a simple question like “How are you doing?” This will prompt a more comfortable flow into a productive session.

Ask lots of questions and listen to answers. “Talk 30% Listen 70%” is a good rule of thumb. Avoid ‘Why?’ questions. These can sound accusatory and may illicit a defensive response. Questions to ask include:

Photo: Alina Matveycheva
  • Are you happy here? 
  • What area would you like to improve? What will help you? 
  • Do you ever feel Undervalued? Overwhelmed? Stressed? 
  • What do you like about our salon/team? What would you improve in the salon?
  • Did you achieve the goals from last session? What will be next? 

Wrapping it up

Allow time for the team member to share and discuss thoughts. Be open, and provide constructive feedback in a non-judgmental and caring way. (The sandwich system works well for this: 1 compliment – 1 improvement – 1 compliment.) Celebrate accomplishments! Every team member needs encouragement and recognition. Those who receive acknowledgement are 71% less likely to leave your salon.

After every One-on-One, create a written summary that outlines discussion points, goals, issues, development paths, next steps, and needs. This is critical to your business plan and future meetings. A follow-up should be made within the same quarter to check in on team member progress. This keeps focus on goals and growth!

2. Salon Meetings (Monthly)

Monthly Salon Meetings will help you stay connected as a team. This is the time to celebrate, lead, teach and learn from one another.

Start meetings with a fun activity like an ice-breaker exercise or a short feel-good video. This will relax everyone and set the stage for sharing of thoughts and ideas. Next, take the time to share numbers and goals for the month. Talk about strengths, weaknesses, and solutions to problems. Discuss promotions and events, then invite ideas for growth.

To ensure monthly meetings are engaging, switch things up each time. One month you may share a new technique, the next go on a short field trip, or bring in a guest speaker. Create an agenda to help stay on track and be respectful of everyone’s time. Include time for creativity and innovation. Celebrate accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else you wish. The more your team contributes to meeting content, the more engaged they become, and the more you will shape future leaders. Productive salon teams are motivated and work toward the same salon goals. 

Photo: Fauxels

3. Tribe Building (Yearly)

Tribe Building does so many wonderful things! It helps everyone see co-workers in a different light, providing connection, morale boosts and motivation. Creativity, communication, imagination, and celebration all foster a more friendly work environment. Get-togethers that happen in a more casual and relaxing way, outside the salon, breed trust and honesty. Try to do a Tribe Building event at least once a year to let your team know how spectacular they are and how much they mean to you! 

Need a few ideas? Many activities can be done with minimal cost. Some inexpensive and fun ideas for gatherings include:

  • Scavenger Hunt or Outdoor Games
  • Dream Boarding or Inspiration Wall 
  • Karaoke
  • Community Service Project

If you have had a great year, and have a cash budget, why not treat the team to dinner at a top local restaurant or a trip to a day spa or maybe an amusement park! 

Your tribe will have greater imagination when they are around people they enjoy. Each Tribe Building activity you plan should have a predetermined impact or goal to help foster the healthy, happy, and profitable growth of the salon you envision. 

The meeting is adjourned…

Remember, when it comes to making any type of meeting dynamic, when you nurture positivity and progress, you will open the door to endless possibilities!

For more insight into this ever-evolving topic, owners should join in the next Eufora Salon Owner Network meeting and check out eufora.pro for information on this and other education opportunities from Eufora.


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