21 April 2024

Glamour Revival: Achieving Eva Mendes’ Iconic Look

Step into the world of timeless glamour with Eva Mendes’ stunning red carpet style created by celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea last week in Milan.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic 90’s supermodels and their voluminous locks, celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea, Global Creative Ambassador of Esla Italy, takes us on a journey to recreate Eva Mendes’ show-stopping look. With a nod to the classic Beehive hairstyle, Giannandrea infuses modern flair, adding bounce and length to elevate the glamour to new heights. Join us as we delve into the secrets behind achieving maximum hair volume and supreme glam, as seen on Eva Mendes’ grand return to the red carpet for Dolce&Gabbana during Milan Fashion Week.

Step 1

Using a tail comb tail section a diamond shape section on the top of the crown area. Use a lot of volumizing spray at the roots, divide in 2 sections and then blow dry each section upwards with a med-size round brush, use hairspray and set in Velcro rollers both sections. Section a short 2 inches middle part in the front, then dry with a side sweeping motion the long bangs, should caress the cheekbones once done, clip it softly aside in place. Blow dry the rest of the head sides & back in large sections using a mid-size round brush, use a 1 inch 1/2 hot Curling iron and round up each finger roll & set each section with a clip to cool down, one by one evenly. Wait 20 min to set.

Step 2

Remove all clips. Do not brush yet: remove the top rollers, using a mid-size tooth tail comb, backcomb the top roots 5/6 inches only straight upwards, unclip the front bangs and smooth them slightly with the top so there’s no separation between top and front. Use a large wide tooth comb and comb through the sides and back you want to keep the maximum volume.

Step 3

Make sure the top is teased as high as you like to be, always in proportion bring it back high in the back of the head, take bobby pins one small section at the time, using only hands. Pin in place also parts of the sides, do not pull all sides back, keep some loose by the ears, as the rest of the hair is flowing down the back and sides are all connected.

Make adjustments as you go and make sure the half up part is well locked in place with the pins. It should move beautifully and not look stiff: the sections are bouncy and bountiful. Hairspray the top teased only and a light pass on the bangs and… voilà! The Supermodel hairstyle is ready!


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