21 April 2024

Protecting the World and its Most Vulnerable Places

Greenland is melting and the Marshall Islands are disappearing under the sea… and O’right is a company with a heritage for taking positive action in protecting the world.

Protecting the World

100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)

Sensitivity towards green topics started long time ago. In the early days, Founder & CEO of O’right, Steven Ko, was doing his best to develop “environmental education. That is how the world’s first regenerated bottles were created – a 100% PCR consumer products recycling system that truly implements a circular economy.

‘Melting Greenland: Saving the Marshall Islands’ Documentary

O’right has now produced a documentary with a focus firmly places on protecting the world. The documentary illustrates the dire effect of climate change on areas like Greenland and the Marshall Islands.

The “Melting Greenland” documentary idea originated from the first heavy rain under the Arctic ice sheet in the early morning of August 14, 2021. Up to 7 billion tons of rainwater was enough to generate hydropower, so the world focused on Greenland. Greenland’s ice melt rate has increased seven times in the past and climate change has become an indisputable fact. Steven Ko led a delegation to Arctic Greenland and invited experts, scholars, government personnel and local people to share their personal experiences. The visit to Greenland had the goal of filming the documentary. So far, more than 600 schools and more than 3,000 companies have jointly responded to the public welfare broadcast.

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Protecting the World

The documentary was also  dedicated to the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. A low-altitude country that emits only 0.0007% of global carbon emissions and is facing a sinking crisis. The Marshall Islands provide strongly contrasting images that highlight the urgency of climate change and the environmental impact of globalization.

Due to the climate crisis in Greenland and the Marshall Islands, the film delves into in-depth discussions about environmental policy, social adaptation and international support. It not only records images but also reminds all mankind that to save the Marshall Islands is to save ourselves.

Postive Climate Action and Environmental Education

O’right has never been just a hair and skin care products company, but a brand that wants to do good for humans, society, and the earth. Steven Ko has always believed that “business success does not necessarily mean social success.” Even though O’right is just a small to medium-sized corporation in Asia, it can play a role, and large enterprises must also be able to do their part for climate action and environmental education.



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