21 April 2024

Connectivity: social media & your salon business

Connectivity is the key to a successful business today. This is especially true of people-oriented enterprises like hair salons. Get some tips from those in the know!

Connectivity today is the evolution of “word-of-mouth” brand building and time management. Today’s digital and social tools make it easier than ever to build a brand, keep your client base up to date, and your salon management running smoothly.

Connectivity: a 3-point plan

The point of social is to be a resource, that will help you to grow your business faster. Think of your social pages as your digital look book showing clients the work you do best,” explains Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken. Here are three guidelines to follow:

Photo: Cottonbro Studio

1 – Go Fishing:

The proper use of hashtags will allow you to find your next customer. Don’t get too broad using tags like #hairstylist and don’t get too niche using tags like #Samsperfecthairstyles. You want to use hashtags that are being searched around you. Try using more tags that encompass where you are located and events in and around you, and always geotag your images adding your location as you post.

2 – Mind Your Time

Bank up social content by creating multiple videos in one day. Partner with a fellow stylist taking turns capturing each other’s content. Look into a free scheduling tool. Take a couple hours once a week and schedule your posts. Leave “in the moment” content to stories where you don’t have to create a caption. 

3 – Tell a story

Create a meaningful caption to tell the story of the transformation. Was it DIY dye? How does that negatively impact hair and why is salon color better for the integrity of hair? What is the shape? Is it trending? How do you style it? Or can you share some quick style tips to save your clients’ time. 

Content Creation Made Simple

Connectivity requires successful content creation. Salon Owner, and Eufora Business Trainer, Christa Stephens shares her must haves for a successful social media presence.

1. Before and After Transformations: Share impressive hair transformations on social media to highlight your salon’s expertise and attract potential clients.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses: Give your audience a sneak peek into the daily operations of your salon. This could include showcasing the stylists at work, sharing product recommendations, or demonstrating hair styling techniques.

3. Client Testimonials: Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences on social media. These testimonials can help build trust and credibility for your salon.

4. Live Tutorials: Host live video tutorials on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where you can demonstrate popular hairstyles or provide tips for hair care. This engages your audience and positions your salon as an expert in the field.

5. Influencer Collaboration: Partner with local influencers or micro-influencers who have a significant following in your area. They can promote your salon and generate buzz among their followers.

6. Contests and Giveaways: Organize social media contests or giveaways to encourage engagement and attract new customers. For example, you could offer a free haircut or a discount voucher to those who participate.

7. User-Generated Content: Encourage your clients to share their hair salon experience on social media using a specific hashtag. This helps create a sense of community and generates organic content that showcases your salon’s work.

More specifics for successful Connectivity

Eufora Business Trainer and Salon Owner, Jill Higginbotham, shares her 10 proven steps to growing a salon brand through connectivity in social media.

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto

1. Set aside dedicated time to plan your social strategy for the upcoming week or two.

2. Create a theme for each day of the week. For example, Monday motivation, Tuesday hair trends, Wednesday product promos.

3. Think about upcoming holidays and local events well in advance. Schedule them into your weekly rotation at least three weeks before the actual date.

4. Build content creation into morning meetings. If you do not have daily meetings, consider scheduling time for the stylists individually.

5. Film for the clientele that you want. Do not waste your time posting about color retouches if you want to build a book of extensions.

6. Just post! Even if it is not perfect, get the content out there. Quality improves with time and practice.

7. Do your research. Investigate local hashtags and keywords that will get you the correct traction.

8. Invest in a good ring light and equipment. iPhones can get wonderful content. Play around with your camera settings to find the exposure that you like best.

9. Practice your poses. The behind the scenes of the perfect photo is not always pretty. Practice before with yourself or a coworker to decide how to position your guest for maximum photo impact.

10. Have fun! Social media can be a great creative outlet. Just don’t get caught in the doom scroll. Instead, use your time to find reels as inspiration, or save audio ahead of time for later use.

All in all, nothing here is really so difficult, but you do need to organize your time, staff, and equipment to optimize your reach and effectiveness. A minimum of planning and organization can make all the difference to your business.


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