22 April 2024

Scissors – 5 Factors to Help Avoid Personal Injury

Hairdressing is the best job in the world, there’s no dispute about that! However, it’s important to look after your wellbeing by avoiing injury. Choosing a pair of scissors is key.


“A pair of scissors with a carefully considered ergonomic design is the first step to avoiding those unwanted aches and pains,” says Kasho Director, Benjamin Shipman. “Ergonomic refers to a design that is shaped to fit your body and work with you, not against you. A hairdresser can be holding a pair of scissors for up to eight hours a day, so it’s important it works for you and not against you.”

Benjamin highlights the five design features you should consider when choosing your most-used tools:

1 Offset handles

An offset handle design features a thumb ring positioned slightly lower than the finger ring. This reduces strain on the hand and wrist, allowing them to feel more relaxed as you cut.

2 Ergonomic finger rest

Look for scissors that feature an adjustable or ergonomically integrated finger rest. This allows you to customise the position of the finger rest to make it bespoke to your hand and cutting technique, again avoiding unnecessary strain and the health conditions that come with that.

3 Convex edge blades

One of the biggest strains a hairdresser puts on their hands and wrist is using scissors with ineffective blades. Convex edge blades slice through hair with very little effort, once again limiting the strain put on your body. Opt for Japanese steel for an even smoother cutting motion and you have a winning combination.

4 Ball-bearing screw system

An enclosed ball-bearing unit reduces friction between the blades, giving you a smoother cutting motion and less hand fatigue from the effort of opening and closing the blades. You can cut for hours without suffering pain.

5 Lightweight Materials

Always think about the material that your scissors are made from. Scissors crafted from high-quality, lightweight steel will not only aid with balance, helping you to perfect your skills, they’ll also fight hand fatigue.

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