21 April 2024

Two Moons by Kimberly Ibbotson

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, renowned hair artist Kimberly Ibbotson unveiled her latest masterpiece: a groundbreaking hair fashion collection where vibrant, imaginative hair colors stole the spotlight.

With each stroke of her brush, Kimberly Ibbotson transformed ordinary strands into a kaleidoscope of hues, painting a mesmerizing tapestry of color. Inspired by the incredible story of the sons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos, this collection makes reference to the inspirational force represented by the two moons of the planet Mars.

From electric blues that sparkled like midnight skies to fiery oranges that danced with the intensity of a blazing inferno, every shade in Kimberly’s collection told a story of boldness and individuality. As models strutted in front of the renowned photographer Vishal Baharani, their locks cascading in a riot of color, the camera lens was spellbound by the sheer brilliance of Kimberly’s artistry.

In a world often muted by conventionality, Kimberly’s collection served as a beacon of self-expression and liberation. With her vision, she proved that hair isn’t just a canvas for style but a medium for boundless creativity, where every shade is an opportunity to paint the world with vibrancy and life.

Photography: Vishal Baharani
Models: Ugne, Carlota Biagioli
Hair: Kimberly Ibbotson
Hair Assistant: Cindy
Haircut: Joel Torres
Makeup: Yely Rodríguez
Styling : Nanna
Retouching & Digital Artist: María Malpartida
Agency: ole group
Production Assistant: Gumidafe Gutierrez & Miki Perez
Production Manager: Orlando Martín
Many thanks to @nanna_pq for the support
Production: Booksy


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