21 April 2024

Baroque Bob Emerges as Leading Hairstyle Trend for 2024

As the world of hairstyling embraces the new year, leading experts predict that the Baroque Bob will reign supreme as the standout hairstyle for 2024.

Poised to captivate clients, the Baroque Bob encapsulates the opulence and drama of the Baroque era with its structured yet intricate layers and rich textures. As hairdressers, embracing the Baroque bob means mastering the art of precision cutting and styling to create layers that cascade gracefully, framing the face with a regal allure. This collarbone-length cut combines allure, bounce, curl, and volume in a contemporary take on old Hollywood glamour, seamlessly blending the classic with the avant-garde.

We speak to some of the top industry experts to get their take on this new trend, which clients it suits and the best way to style it…

According to Kirby Blythe, owner of Hair by Kirby Blythe and Great Lengths Master, “2024’s standout hairstyle, the Baroque Bob, is set to be the year’s superstar cut, captivating with its collarbone-length allure and exuding a perfect blend of bounce, curl, and volume.

This contemporary take on old Hollywood glamour is poised to dominate the fashion scene, seamlessly balancing the classic and the avant-garde. And while the Baroque Bob will suit most client’s hair types and lengths, how best to achieve that full, bouncy finish if your natural hair is anything but?! Available in a wide range of shades and lengths, Great Lengths extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair and are also the ideal way to add natural-looking volume and texture, with no risk of damage.”

Glamour & Structure

The Baroque Bob is a chunky bob with movement, sitting between the chin and collarbone, inspired by historic times. Andy Smith, Indola Global Ambassador, describes it as having “more curl and structure, giving it more glamour.” The style is versatile, adapting the length and shape to suit every face shape and ideal for those with fine hair as it “Strengthens the structure of the shape without even styling or products needed”. To maintain the Baroque Bob, Andy Smith recommends using Indola Strong Mousse during blow-drying and setting with tongs for a high-quality shine and movement.

Abbey Smith, Indola UK Ambassador, adds, “A Baroque Bob is the latest trend haircut. It’s a collarbone length bob with voluminous curls, styled with either your natural curls or curls created with tongs. A Baroque Bob would suit anyone with any face shape, especially those transitioning from short to long hair.”

Perfect with Texture

Sian Roscoe, UK Indola Ambassador, notes, “Bobs have a reputation for being ‘high-maintenance’ but they can work with each individual’s natural texture, making them less demanding in terms of styling.” She recommends using products like Indola’s Strong Mousse or Volume & Blow-Dry Spray for fine hair.

Medium to Thicker Hair

Ky Wilson, representing Calligraphy Cut, emphasises the Baroque Bob’s suitability for medium to thicker hair with natural movement, “the style is great for anyone with a strong nose shape and elongated face, those who favour a low-maintenance look, as it’s easy to style, as well as not taking too long to grow out. Or perfect for those playing around with going for a shorter style”.

Weightless Fun with Bouncy Bounded Ends

Rory Antonio from Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Labs declares, “Leave your chunky 90’s and French bobs behind as The Baroque Bob is about to dominate the year 2024! It’s all about weightless fun with bouncy rounded ends and an effortless overall glossy, polished finish to the look”. He recommends blow-drying the look with a volumizing mousse as well as using Velcro rollers for fine hair to achieve the desired Hollywood glamour finish.

In summary, the Baroque Bob is not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement, a blend of history and modernity, and the go-to trend for anyone seeking a versatile and timeless look in 2024.


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