21 April 2024

Rouge de CHI Collection 2024

The Rouge de CHI Collection 2024 demonstrates how in the world of beauty, red is not just a color. It also represents excitement, passion, energy, and love.

Rouge de CHI is a very cosmopolitan concept. Most of us know that red, known as rouge in French, has also evolved into a powerful emblem of Farouk Systems, Inc.’s prestigious CHI Haircare brand. Indeed, it serves as the wellspring of inspiration for this collection.

This extraordinary collection is the brainchild of visionary artists from Farouk Systems, Inc., Mego Ayvazian and McKenzie Lehmann with the invaluable contribution of Lorena Guevara. It brilliantly merges the worlds of artistry and cutting-edge technology. It also spotlights the LG CHI Color Master Factory — a digital color lab boasting over 30,000 meticulously crafted color formulations with the possibility to create endless more. The result is Rouge de CHI, a collection that showcases a vibrant spectrum of colors brimming with unlimited possibilities.

Step into a world where the vivid, the audacious, and the extraordinary take form within the Rouge de CHI collection. Rouge de CHI and the LG CHI Color Master Factory transcend boundaries. Together they exemplify an unending journey of innovation and beauty. These images are a testament to the enduring spirit of the beauty industry. Explore this dynamic fusion of art and technology, where red is more than just a mere color; it is a symbol of endless possibilities.

The High Contrast Reverse Money Piece

This stunning shade is an enchanting fusion of beige blonde with a rich, velvety chocolate mocha, creating a color that is as sumptuous as it is striking. The beige blonde base provides the perfect backdrop for the star of the show – the chocolate ‘money piece’. This pop of color, artfully placed to frame the face, adds a touch of warmth, and accentuates the facial features by creating an overall hypnotizing effect.

The Rouge de CHI Ethereal Peachy Grey

This artful fusion of shades is expertly interwoven to form a unique, color-blocked masterpiece. It seamlessly blends a sumptuous peach with the ethereal charm of light grey in the front bang area. The result is an aesthetic that’s both whimsical and elegant. The choice of light grey is a nod to contemporary trends that brings depth and contrast to the overall appearance. It is a whisper of beauty and audacious creativity.

Silver Peekaboo Edge for him!

This look embodies contemporary panache. The trendsetting creation seamlessly blends sleek silver blonde with a subtle black peek-a-boo accent. This adds a touch of rebellion and intrigue to the classic ‘sexy silver fox’.

The silver blonde base exudes a refined charm, while the black ribbon in the bang area creates an unexpected twist, revealing an edgy side. This bold juxtaposition of colors is perfect for the modern man who seeks a look that’s confident, dynamic, and truly unforgettable.

Golden Copper Mocha

Elegance meets versatility with this fusion of radiant golden copper and indulgent chocolate mocha. It’s a look that exudes confidence and style, without the need for excessive adornment. The golden copper hues infuse hair with a warm, sunlit brilliance, while the chocolate mocha elements add a touch of complexity and richness. It’s a harmonious blend that is as adaptable as it is captivating.

It invites you to embrace a look that’s as understated as it is striking. It’s a versatile canvas for those ready to express their individuality with a touch of oomph. Discover the allure of this contemporary color creation and make any style speak volumes.

Peachy Blonde Brilliance

This visionary hair color creation is a tailor-made masterpiece for the trendsetter of today. It offers high-octane drama that is destined to ignite social media with its irresistible appeal. From bold pops of pastel to a daring mix of peach and blonde hues, this is the epitome of versatile hair artistry.

At the heart of this audacious look lies a bold expression of self —a confident proclamation of personal style. The juxtaposition of pastel, peach, and blonde is a vivid canvas. It becomes reminiscent of a rebellious artist’s palette, intertwining with sheer brilliance. The drama in this creation is not just in the colors. It’s in the fearless embrace of the unconventional.

Honey Brown Big Energy

This multi-level brunette and blonde with a subtle hint of pastels is a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. The tones are carefully crafted to mimic the allure of natural sunlight dancing on hair. It’s a symphony of shades that adds depth and dimension, creating a canvas that evokes sheer enchantment. The colors paired with 70s-inspired voluminous curls invite you to embrace the essence of an era where bold, audacious style reigned supreme.

Watch this space for how to’s in the near future!






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