19 July 2024

Icing Haircoloring: Innovative Hair Artistry

This is the story behind the new, impressive Icing Haircoloring technique, Hairspression’s game-changing coloring method.

But what is the Icing Haircoloring technique? Well, let’s start from the beginning: in the heart of Italy, nestled within the vibrant city of Milan, lies Hairspression, a visionary salon co-founded by Anna Zaninotto and Giada Stocco. Embracing the ethos of hairdressing as an art form, Hairspression is a haven for those seeking to explore the intersection of creativity and beauty.

Anna, an awe-inspiring creative force, recently introduced the groundbreaking Icing Haircoloring technique, inspired by the intricate designs of henna artistry. “As I admired the beauty and precision of henna designs, I began exploring ways to incorporate similar techniques into hair coloring,” she said. So, combining her passion for hairdressing with her fascination for henna, Anna devised a method that allows hairstylists to apply color with the precision of a pastry chef decorating a cake.

The technique involves using an icing bag to delicately dispense color onto shaved sections of the head, resulting in exquisite, detailed designs that redefine traditional hair coloring. “What sets this technique apart from traditional methods is its ability to achieve precise and intricate designs with ease, giving hairstylists greater control and creativity in their work,” adds Anna. The video introducing the technique received an impressive 40 million views on Instagram alone:

While still in its experimental phase, Anna says she is committed to refining the technique and sharing her insights with fellow hairstyling professionals. “The benefits derived from this technique mostly lie in the speed of the process. To acquire this skill, one must practice with the icing bag to achieve quick and precise results,” she adds. “The Icing Haircoloring technique not only offers a new tool for creativity and innovation but also encourages a mindset of thinking outside the box. As someone who values pushing boundaries and seeking inspiration from unconventional sources, integrating this approach into my work not only enhances my artistic expression but also encourages people to explore new realms of self-expression“.


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