18 July 2024

A Decade Of Dos with Tim Scott-Wright at The Hair Surgery

Owner and director of The Hair Surgery in Stourbridge, Tim Scott-Wright, is celebrating ten years of beautiful hair transformations as a Decade of Dos.

A Decade Of Dos
Tim Scott-Wright with the TSW Artistic Team

With a host of industry awards and accolades already to his name, the last ten years has seen Tim Scott-Wright put The Hair Surgery on the map. Tim has been Midlands Hairdresser of the Year and unprecedented four times, most recently in 2022. “Ten years ago, a dream was sparked, explains Tim. “Fuelled by a passion for transforming tresses and nurturing confidence. The Hair Surgery was born – a haven where locks found their voice and personalities blossomed through every snip, curl, and colour.” Since The Hair Surgery started out in 2014 have proven to be a Decade of Dos for Tim.

A Hub of the Community

More than ‘just a hair salon’ Tim is proud to have created a true hub of the community, putting clients are at the heart of the business and providing a safe space for people connect with others while being made to feel really good about themselves.  “Today, as we stand at the threshold of a new decade, our hearts brim with gratitude,” continues Tim. “To our loyal clients, you are the vibrant threads which we have woven into the tapestry of our success. Witnessing your journeys, from nervous first haircuts to gleeful celebrations of milestones with a new ‘do,’ has been our greatest reward.

“Every corner of The Hair Surgery whispers tales of creativity unleashed, of friendships forged over blow drys and braiding sessions. We’ve been your confidantes, cheerleaders, and sometimes, even therapists. But most importantly, we’ve been partners in expressing our clients’ unique selves, one strand at a time!”

Talent & Dedication

Tim also gives praise to his current and former team members. Through their talent and dedication they have helped the salon go from strength to strength. “It has been an honour to work with such a talented team and extend my gratitude to all past and present team members. One of the things I’m really proud of is the family we’ve created. I am so happy to have supported stylists on their hairdressing journey and love to see them succeed with their own businesses.”


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