19 July 2024

Banana Leaves – the Ecological Alternative to Foils!

In the world of hairdressing, innovation knows no limits! Brazilian hairdresser, Josué de Castro, sets an inspirational example of this with his fascinating colour application technique… using banana leaves.

Banana Leaves

Instead of using conventional aluminum to apply colour, Josué de Castro has adopted the sustainable practice of using banana leaves to achieve extraordinary results! “In addition to being ecologically sustainable, banana leaves give results as high as most advanced technology can offer,” says Josué.

Josué’s inspiration came from the traditional use of plantain leaves in the native cuisine of Brazil. He therefore came up with the idea of bringing this green alternative to the world of hairdressing.

The impressive thing is that the banana leaves are obtained sustainably, without causing damage to the trees. After use, Josué recycles them, turning them into pots. In this way he succeeds in closing an environmentally friendly cycle.

This ecological technique has not only attracted attention from around the world, but Josué also shares it through courses on his social network. In doing so, he is contributing to the promotion of sustainable responsibility in our industry. Without a doubt, this story is a reminder that creativity and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand… even in the glamorous world of hairdressing!


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