29 February 2024

Bambi Blondes by Lea Shaw – Owner of Rural Fringe

The trend of warm blonde hair continues to grow, shimmering with a timeless elegance. As we transition from winter into early spring, Bambi Blondes emerges.

Bambi Blondes

“The Bambi Blondes trend takes inspiration from famous faces like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and also Blake Lively,” explains Lea Shaw, Owner of Rural Fringe. “They effortlessly showcase the epitome of honeyed hues and sun-kissed radiance.

Celebrity Influence Setting the Tone

Celebrities create huge influence in shaping hair trends, and this year, the Golden Globes served as a great inspiration. Margot Robbie’s honey blonde, Jennifer Lawrence’s buttery allure, and Blake Lively’s sun-drenched golden locks set the stage for a revival of warm blonde tones. Their effortless elegance serves as inspiration guiding salons as well as clients all over the world.

Crafting the Perfect Warm Blonde

Achieving the perfect warm blonde involves a delicate balance of technique and science. Understanding the nuances of colour theory and using the right products are so important. Here are some key tips to make sure your clients radiate with the Bambi Blonde glow:

Gold: The Luminescent Touch

Incorporating gold tones infuses brilliance into blonde hair, reflecting light as well as imbuing strands with lasting luminosity. The new @joico G (.3) Lumishine demi range emerges as a transformative tool, with its ability to elevate blonde hues to new heights.

Custom Consultations

Each blonde shade should be tailored to complement the individual client’s skin tone and hair characteristics. Considering factors like density and porosity allows for precise changes, ensuring that warmth is seamless with natural features, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Embracing Copper

The appeal of copper infuses blondes with an extra layer of warmth, especially vital for porous or previously lightened hair. Embrace the transformative power of NC (.04) or WC (.774) additives, unveiling a spectrum of warmth that captivates and enchants.

Longevity in Warmth

Preserving the vibrancy of warm blondes extends beyond the salon chair. Advocate for cooler water, sulphate-free colour-protective shampoo, and conditioner, as well as the reduced use of heat tools. By embracing these tips into daily life, clients can ensure the on the longevity of their radiant blonde locks.


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