29 February 2024

O’right: a Pioneering Brand with a Heritage in Environmental Sustainability

O’right is a Taiwanese company has proven itself as a pioneer in championing advanced environmental strategies. This has given it a competitive advantage in what has become a must for hair & beauty brands around the world.

Thanks to the far-sighted vision of Founder and Chairman Steven KO, in 2006 O’right was already establishing itself as a voice for green sustainability. By 2009, it had launched its own carbon footprint inventory. The following year, it obtained the first batch of carbon footprint labels in Taiwan. Then in 2011 it obtained the first carbon neutral label – the world’s first zero-carbon shampoo. This was certified by the British verification agency, the BSI. O’right then went on to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products, factories and organizations. This it has maintained for three consecutive years since 2020. Today, the global supply chain is gradually moving towards green transformation, which has become an opportunity and an edge in competitiveness for businesses. If enterprises are not willing to move toward zero-carbon transformation, there will be compromises for their future success.

Founder and Chairman Steven KO

From being a hair product agent to creating his own green hair and cosmetics brand, Steven Ko hopes to get rid of the stereotype that “cosmetics are equal to ordinary chemicals”. Having himself suffered from severe allergies since childhood, he has visited many salons and discovered that stylists’ hands were suffering damage from chemical ingredients. He was eager to help people stay away from toxic heavy metals and chemical substances.

Environmentally friendly recycling

As the global sustainability and ESG trends become more and more popular, natural and organic cosmetics products are flooding the market. They are good at marketing and communication techniques to attract consumers to buy, such as the marketing technique of recycling empty bottles in stores, but new plastic is still on the shelves. Therefore, the European Parliament has established a proposal that there is no use of environmental terms such as “environmental protection, natural, biodegradable, climate neutral, ecological” without proof, in order to curb greenwashing.

The O’right Green Headquarters in Taiwan.

The “circular economy” is an important milestone for O’right to implement the concept of sustainability. O’right is unique in the world and has launched “100% PCR consumer products recycling”. All body wash products are made of recycled plastic packaging. In order to prevent plastic from ending up in the oceans or in incinerators, O’right has built an industrial recycling system, to comprehensively reuse recycled materials, to connect bottle factories and resource recycling stations and to cooperate to regenerate the PCR plastic bottle supply chain, with a carbon reduction effect of up to 80%.

Since 2017, it has successfully prevented 5 million plastic bottles and plastic presses from flowing into the sea or incinerators. The final step of the circular economy – the “regeneration and remanufacturing” of recycled resources – is the responsibility of enterprises.

The effect of ice-melt in Greenland.

Transformation of the green supply chain

Over the past 17 years, Chairman Steven KO has transformed the green supply chain, subverting the beauty and cosmetics industry. He has removed electroplating from packaging, changed composite packaging materials to refill packs. He has even transformed the daily necessities that the human body most often comes into contact with, such as toothpaste. O’right has introduced new ingredients, focusing on whitening, cleansing and anti-allergy. In recent years, O’right has been awarded to prove that the research and development is in the right direction.

O’Right’s marketing strategy in Asia

‘Models on stage at the recent O’right PRO Show

O’right has more than 30 department store experience centers in Taiwan, 5 authorized sales and official websites of cooperative e-commerce platforms, and 40 international agents around the world, including Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, etc. in Asia. O’right, which started as a salon, has more than 7,000 salons across Taiwan using O’right’s “zero carbon” shampoo. O’right even specially commended more than 3,600 excellent “Green Salon” stores. This means that the use of hot water heated by a boiler for washing customers’ hair has achieved the “carbon neutral” zero-carbon goal.


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