19 July 2024

Hairbrained Video Awards unveil the 2024 Finalists

The anticipation was palpable in the world of hairdressing as the renowned Hairbrained Video Awards revealed its finalists for 2024.

This Hairbrained Video Awards, which celebrates the creative brilliance of hair professionals worldwide, had garnered hundreds of awe-inspiring entries from all corners of the globe. Among the finalists are some familiar names, revered veterans in the industry, whose innovative work had consistently pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved with hair. Yet, there are also fresh faces, emerging talents whose avant-garde creations had captivated the judges’ hearts and eyes.

Meet all the finalists here: www.hairbrainedawards.com/awards-finalist

The categories range from “Industry Meme of the Year” to “Precision Cut Video Of The Year,” reflecting the diverse spectrum of skills and talents within the hairdressing world. Each finalist has harnessed their unique creativity and technical prowess to craft breathtaking video creations that not only showcased their extraordinary hairstyling abilities but also told captivating stories.

The Hairbrained Video Awards have become a platform where artistry, innovation, and storytelling converged. The competition celebrates not only the technical skill but also the artistry and narrative that could be achieved through hairdressing.

The Hairbrained VIP panel of judges will next select the winners who will be announced during the 10th annual #crafthairdresser party of the year in NYC on March 3rd, 2024 during IBS New York weekend.


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