3 March 2024

January Detox – Ideas to Invest in with Sabrina Dijkman

Now is the perfect time for clients to consider giving their hair a January detox. It’s time to inject the moisture back into their hair they may have lost from over styling during the festive season and from the effects of the winter weather. A January detox will also give the hair and scalp some welcome relief from product build up and heated styling.

January Detox

Below, Alterna Europe Ambassador, Sabrina Dijkman, shares some tips you can share with clients them to give their hair that January detox and a much needed ‘reset’.

  1. Use a scalp scrub – healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and it’s so important to advise clients that they must look after their scalp too to help promote hair growth, get rid of product build up and to deeply cleanse their hair.
  2. Add moisture back into the hair with moisturising products – Shampoo, Conditioner, Masks/treatments and care products with moisturising ingredients are essential for injecting that much needed moisture back into the hair, whilst also ensuring hair looks and feels soft and silky to touch and is frizz free.
  3. Advise clients to change to silk – Ditch the cotton towels and pillowcases and switch to silk/satin that are gentler on the hair and will reduce frizz and breakage. Clients may even want to opt for silk/satin hair ties for their hair ups to avoid friction.
  4. Avoid styling and experiment with braiding techniques – for clients who are looking to take a break from heated styling tools during January, experimenting with hairstyles like braiding is a great option. I always suggest for clients to distribute a product like the Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture CC Cream through their hair before braiding for a polished look whilst also giving their hair added nourishment.
  5. Ensure clients don’t just look after their hair at home but also book appointments at the salon too – whether this be for regular cuts or treatments to keep hair in as healthy as a condition as possible and to give hair a more intense salon treatment. Regular cuts will also ensure split ends are removed and avoid further damage being done to their hair.


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