21 April 2024

The Overcut – Long Hair Disguising Itself as Short!

Among the warm looks of winter, the Overcut is the perfect trick up the sleeve for anyone who wants to go short without cutting the lengths.

The overcut could be the perfect solution for those who are tempted to try out a face-hugging bob, but are not yet ready to take the decisive and irreversible step of giving up on their lengths. Thanks to layering the overcut achieves an effect similar to a bob on the front, while on the back of the hair remains long.

The transition occurs in a very soft and natural way, giving a look with a contemporary twist. This happens thanks to really soft layering, for a final look greater allure and femininity than some alternatives such as the mullet or the shag.

Why choose the Overcut?

It’s achieved through layering, this cut creates a lot of texture and great lightness. It also helps to make the hair more dynamic, as well as being a good solution to counteract flatness. It’s perfect for straight hair, but also works well on curly hair by helping to maintain a more compact finish.

Personalised cut

The Overcut can easily adapts itself to both hair and face shape, depending on the layering. For example, it works very well with a fringe, curtains, or even structured waves.

The gradual Overcut

In this version the layering is soft and the matching fringe is full, while the hair maintains plenty of movement. The final effect is a very soft and dynamic.

Overcut with turned up ends

Two style trends come together in this interpretation: the curtain fringe with longer side lengths and upturned,rounded ends. There is a distinct, yet soft contrast between the mid and the full lengths.

Dynamic Overcut

This shag-inspired version is super dynamic thanks to bold, rhythmic layering. The fringe is full, but with an irregular perimeter, to adapt to the movement of the overall cut.

Rich Overcut

Here, the transition between mid and longer lengths is less obvious. The resulting effect, however, is of a compact but light cut. The fringe, in this case, is full-bodied and just reaching eye level, making it a special feature that adds originality to the cut.

Mid Length Overcut

The Overcut can even be tried even if the lengths are medium. In this case there is less intense scaling. The fringe with an even perimeter and beautiful fullness balances everything up, adding a really contemporary effect.


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