21 April 2024

Just Add You by Christopher Laird for OSiS +

“For this collection, I really wanted to draw on the Just Add You element by representing and reimagining the real salon client.” Christopher Laird.

“In the Just Add You collection we also included some aspirational looks, which people could bring to their stylist, encouraging them to switch up their day-to-day style, as to me that’s what OSiS is all about.,” continues Christopher Laird.

“It’s about giving people that empowerment to experiment with their personal style, whether that be wanting to go completely wild and do something crazy or to just switch it up to something that is a little bit different, a little bit more fun. None of the finished looks are overly extra, or Avant Garde as it was about creating a collection that people could really see themselves in as well as something that they could take inspiration from.”

OSiS + Just Add You Collection. Creative Designer: Christopher Laird Photographer: Chris Bulezuik Make-up: Emma Louise Cantwell Styling: Lewis Cameron Hair Team: Justine Wier, Rebecca Jacques, Tommy Hardy, Cat Cleland, Harry Watson, Rhys Chiwara


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