19 July 2024

‘Awards’ Documentary Celebrates Hairdressing as an Art Form

The feature-length documentary ‘Awards: beyond the limits of hairdressing’ will premiere in Spain on Monday, January 15th.

Awards’ is a documentary that immerses viewers in the amazing world of global hairdressing that was filmed during the world tour of the International Hairdressing Awards carried out by Mikel Luzea, director and founder, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador. The world premiere, which will take place in the city of Pamplona on January 15th, will feature a presentation and discussion by the protagonists and the director of the film. The film will be released in cinemas in Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities in the next weeks. 

This film by the Spanish production company 601, directed by Juan San Martín, was filmed in various locations such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Florence, Madrid and Warsaw and takes us on a global journey in which we discover the talent and creativity of the most outstanding hairdressers on the planet. Characters with talent and a unique personality who meet at the most important hairdressing awards in the world, the International Hairdressing Awards. 

Through the world tour to announce the winners carried out by Mikel Luzea, founder and director, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador, we will meet visionary hairdressers who challenge the limits of imagination and transform hair into a shape of artistic expression. Their fabulous personal stories, dedication and passion for the craft are woven into an inspiring tale that celebrates the incredible creativity behind an industry unknown to the general public.

‘Awards’ allows us to discover the transformative power of hair and the unlimited creativity that drives hairdressing artists such as Robert Lobetta (UK/USA), an international icon, hairstylist, photographer and multidisciplinary artist; Cos Sakkas (UK), crowned Best International Hairdresser of the Year and Best British Hairdresser of the Year, global creative director of hairdressing giant Toni&Guy; Mustafa Avci (Turkey / USA) Influencer hairstylist who traveled from his native Turkey to New York when he was a child, and is now considered the “King of the Waves” with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram; or X-Presion (Spain), an artistic collective based in Madrid, which is dedicated to researching, creating and disseminating new and revolutionary hairdressing techniques. 

This documentary delves into a world where imagination has no limits and where hair becomes a masterpiece of personal expression. Through an inspiring and enjoyable journey around the world and a captivating narrative, ‘Awards’ is a celebration of the creativity and audacity that transcends hairdressing to become an artistic manifestation.


The International Hairdressing Awards are an independent beauty company, powered by hairdressers, which has been supported from its beginnings by a main sponsor of international relevance that believes in the message and mission of these awards, Revlon Professional. Also, Estetica Magazine acts as global media partner and The Hair MBA and Salón Look Madrid as sponsors. These brands have made a strong bet and have combined their forces to make this event an international success.



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