3 March 2024

Vertical Horizon by Emmanuel Esteban

“Vertical Horizon” is a homage to Mark Rothko, an artist whom Emmanuel Esteban admired throughout his childhood.

Rothko’s philosophy regarded art as a means of expressing the human condition, transcending representational forms to establish a direct connection with the viewer’s emotions,” says Emmanuel Esteban. The French hairstylist embraces these principles in both his stage performances and the creation of his wigs. In this series, he employs intricate coloring techniques and organic shapes to elicit profound emotional responses, echoing Mark Rothko’s belief in the transformative power of art.

“Vertical Horizon” showcases Esteban’s artistic admiration. Through skillful use of linear coloring techniques against a single-color backdrop, Emmanuel Esteban interweaves organic and structural shapes. This avant-garde collection strives to capture human expressions, forging a deep connection between the hairstyles and those who observe them.

Mark Rothko’s profound influence extends beyond the realm of art into the world of fashion and beauty. His revolutionary approach to color and emotion has inspired designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists alike. Rothko’s use of rich, intense hues has informed color palettes for fashion collections, while his ability to evoke deep emotions through color has influenced makeup trends, encouraging bold and expressive looks. His work’s simplicity and complexity simultaneously have found resonance in minimalist fashion and intricate hair designs. Mark Rothko’s enduring impact on the creative world transcends canvases, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving worlds of fashion and beauty.

Hair: Emmanuel Esteban, using Revlon Professional products & Diva Pro Styling tools
Photography: William Henry Scott
Make-up: Julia Leshanich
Make-up Assistant: Sophia Araya
Styling: Gloria Lyare


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