3 March 2024

Versatility Collection by Arjan Bevers

The Versatility Collection unveils an eternal truth: we are voluble beings. We’re in constant evolution; a sum of infinite facets that yearn for discovery.

We are more than a singular identity, but each piece composing our soul possesses its own essence, its own lights and shadows. The Versatility Collection by Arjan Bevers conveys how this ever-changing authenticity encourages us to express ourselves freely through our hair and to reinvent ourselves without fear. Fancy volumes, daring cuts and shades, textures almost ethereal. No two versions are alike. The only thing that remains is our steadfast desire to show who we are at any moment.

Hair: Arjan Bevers Salon: Avanti Kappers Photography: Ivo de Kok Make-up: Mireille Bevers Brunt. Styling: Annet Veerbeek Products: Schwarzkopf Professional Models: @anaisshu @darkshinelook @pipliekelucas @emmakappen


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