21 April 2024

Rockin’ Iconic Hair: by Allen Furlan

All the models are Rockin’ Iconic Hair in Allen Furlan’s latest collection, drawing inspiration from the world of music.

Rockin’ Iconic Hair is a collection by Allen Furlan pays homage to some of the most memorable styles in the world of music. The Redken Artist-Educator and Editorial Stylist chose three women who rocked their on-stage careers and made fashion history while doing so. Below Furlan talks about his inspiration and give tips&tricks on how to get these great looks.

Aretha Franklin

The “Queen of Soul” absolutely cannot do without her crowning glory! Here Furlan takes his cue from Afro-Texture influences but adds volume and shape.

Rockin' Iconic Hair: by Allen Furlan

Shape –I achieved this form with 7” scissors with a combination of shear over comb and free hand to finish shape.

Styling – Use wide tooth pick and comb in place. Use Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Leave In Conditioner to facilitate styling and add shine. If more shine is needed, use Redken’s Shine Flash.

Chrissie Hynde

Founding member and the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock band the Pretenders, Chrissie evolved together with her own style. Maggie Lange once wrote, “If you want to be sold on the Hynde’s style, let me tell you this: she’s got a comfortable look. Don’t mistake that for the relaxation of lounge-wear; these clothes have a comfort that allows for mobility. They’re freeing. They’re durable, walkable, unwrinkleable.” Just like her hair!

Shape – I cut the hair at a very low elevation (with scissors) to create a heavy fringe. Then I cut the remaining hair with vertical sections, using a razor with a medium stroke to give the hair movement.

Styling – After flat wrapping hair to create closeness, use Redken’s Shine Flash and used Sam Villa’s Sleekr Iron to close the cuticle and give the hair shine.

Tina Turner

When it comes to rockin’ iconic hair, this lady was one of the best! Perhaps there has never been anyone in the world of music with as much and as great hair as Tina Turner. It seemed to empower her and drive her performances and persona.

Shape – Initially, blow out hair straight at 90 degrees from the head. Cut hair with a pointing technique using deep point cuts to create a very separated texture.

Styling – Apply Redken’s Texture Paste to the hair. I used the Sam Villa Sleekr Iron to create the spiky finish. If you need more separation, use Redken Texture Paste on dry hair.


Hair: Allen Furlan

MUA: Ashley Zimmel

Photo: John Ng



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