18 July 2024

Project Teams – Highlight Moments from 2023

With 2023 drawing to a close and the new Fellowship Project Team’s announced for 2024 we caught up with the 2023 Project Teams Members to ask them about their highlights from over the year…

Here are some comments from the Fellowship Project Teams members on their best 2023 moments:

Kieran Martin, Clubstar Art Team

Project Teams

I found the day with Marlon Hawkins a great one, showing us the trends going around at that time and how to implement them into day-to-day work. The day also taught us to be creative and think outside the box by working on hair wefts and using techniques to make something new or by pushing yourself to do something you have always wanted to try out.

Olivia Rose Brady, Clubstar Art Team

Our team day at Goldsworthys this year was such a valuable and educational day. With learning wig making, I feel as though I have an incredible skill that I’ll always use. Getting to learn it in the environment I did, with my team, made it such an amazing experience.

Stephanie Gallagher, F.A.M.E. Team

Project Teams

This day was a highlight for me for a few reasons. We had just finished shooting our nod to ‘93 and were also celebrating 30 years of F.A.M.E. Team shoot with Jack Eames for two days. Two days previous to the shoot we had time to plan as a team, pull images as a team and prep as a team. After our shoot with Errol we had realised just how much work goes into putting a collection together, and we were not walking into this shoot blind and unprepared. We had learned a lot throughout the year bringing us to these two days on shoot at Brooks & Brooks.

To say we had smashed it was an understatement, and something clicked for me personally in those moments. I had learned what to look for on screen, what to change and when to step in and try something else to get the shot – communicating with Jack, models, styling and makeup. After our incredible journey with mentors, Italy, creative processes, it all came together for this collection for me, paving the way to bring that to stage with confidence…so it may not be the day that people would think I would pick but I ‘moved from A to B’ in Sally’s words and we pulled it off as a full team.

Emma Holt, Project Extend

Project Teams

I loved every single moment of being in Project Extend. My number one moment was Robert Mascaive Hooker and Young photo shoot and Zen photoshoot absolutely loved doing a full set of extensions on Jordon our model going from blunt short hair to 18 inch. Had the best year with everyone and looking forward to mentoring for the Projects next year.

Sarah McCulloch, Project X

So this was my most favourite day with project X. We started the morning with an information session then we moved to colour then the cut, we worked in pairs and it was a great whole rounded teaching day and team building day. We learned from our peers and shared our own tips and tricks with each other although we were fully guided by the Sassoon stylists who were amazing and so informative.

Sassoon for me was the absolute highlight of the year, it was an incredible day where we practiced our cutting and colouring skills as well as learning new techniques from the Sassoon stylists.

Justine Weir, Project Sassoon

Project Sassoons was INCREDIBLE! I’ve learned soooo much about myself as a hairdresser and I learned things I didn’t even know existed within the hair world!! Damien and Riess gave every inch of inspiration they had, and I’ll never forget what they taught us. I am beyond grateful to be the “Achiever of the Year” with my project and Ican’t wait to see what the future brings. I absolutely love The Fellowship and everything they offer to hairdressers and not just the ones starting out!!

Chris Grimley, Project Afro

So, for me the shoot day was so inspiring, as well as so much fun from arriving to finishing, working on my model and keeping schedule, this shoot was a masterclass in using the time well and getting the job done to a high standard with fabulous time management by Jacqui! Absolutely loved the high energy the buzz and the images are also incredible! I was so lucky to get two looks in it too, really pleased.

Found out more about The Fellowship for British Hairdressing HERE


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