23 April 2024

Favourite Looks of 2023 with Jay Birmingham

During 2023, celebrity hairstylist Jay Birmingham has been on an exciting journey, crafting iconic hair looks for his celeb clients. As the year draws to a close, Jay reveals his favourite looks.

Here are Jay Birmingham‘s favourite Looks of 2023:

Rochelle’s Iconic fringe

Finishing off the year with a bang, my first favourite is Rochelle’s fringe for the British Fashion Awards, Rochelle stunned with a bold hair statement—a clip-in fringe crafted by me. I designed a sleek bun to set the stage, using Color Wow products for a flawless finish. I positioned the bun to suit Rochelle’s bob length hair. The custom made fringe, was pre-cut and blended with her natural hair, took centre stage, perfectly framing Rochelle’s face.

Maya’s Curly Pony

For Love Island, crafting Maya Jama’s long, curly ponytail stands out as one of my top looks in 2023. The challenge lay in melding length and texture seamlessly. I shaped and smoothed her curly locks into a sleek, long ponytail, using precise styling techniques to preserve the natural curls for a refined, polished finish.

Sofia’s Sleek Bun

Creating Sofia Ritchie’s sleek bun for her bridal fittings marked another standout look for me this year. The emphasis was on modern elegance, achieved through a middle parting and braided ends wrapped around in a tight bun for a distinctly contemporary finish. The mix of classic elements like the middle parting with the innovative braided wrapping showcased a seamless blend of tradition and trendiness. This style was sophisticated and perfect for bridal fashion and Sofia’s ‘old money’ style.

Lori’s Bouncy Short

I went with a short, bouncy bob with a deep side part. Lori can easily pull off bold styles. The short bob was just what her outfit needed – a bit of sass. I spiced up the classic bob by playing with layers and textures. The result? A modern bob that’s chic and playful, the perfect fit for Milanese fashion. I finished it off using Andre Fitzsimons prism shine spray.

Maya’s mid-length

Lastly, Maya’s mid-length hair on Love Island was another personal favourite, radiating quality with its floating layers. The style was created to exude a sense of weightlessness, where each layer seamlessly transitioned into the next, creating a subtle yet mesmerising effect. Adding depth and dimension to her overall look. Maya effortlessly carried off this style, with a carefree yet chic vibe.


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