21 April 2024

The International Hairdressing Awards announce the IHA 2024 jury

In its sixth year, the International Hairdressing Awards 2024 has a jury formed by five hairdressing international icons.

The International Hairdressing Awards announce the five names that will make up the professional jury for the IHA 2024 competition: Robert Lobetta (USA), Tony Rizzo (UK), Anthony Mascolo (UK), Luis Romero (Spain) and Anabela Pereira (Portugal). Again, the competition has a panel of judges formed by five names that exemplify the best of international hairdressing and authentic icons for the entire profession. The sixth year awards ceremony of the International Hairdressing Awards will take place next Spring in a city and date to be announced. Once again, the highly anticipated global hairdressing night will bring together the biggest names in the profession to present the coveted awards in a glamorous and unforgettable evening. 

Participation for the 2024 competition is still open, until January 16th, and once again is done exclusively online at www.ihawards.com. All hairdressers from every country in the world are able to present their photographic collections and participate in any of the contest categories.  

Robert Lobetta (USA)

Robert Lobetta is a legendary global artist and has lead a truly inspiring journey, from his beginnings as a young hairdresser in the mid 70’s in London to becoming an internationally recognized Icon in the hair and beauty industry. Robert has a profound respect for the art and craft of his profession, and is known for his unique style, eye for detail, and his compelling, thought-provoking ideas, along with his modern and daring photographic imagery. In 2022 he was awarded with the International Hair Legend title at the International Hairdressing Awards. 

Tony Rizzo (UK)

Tony Rizzo is one of the most prestigious hairdressers in the world, with more than 40 years of experience in hairdressing. He founded Sanrizz, a brand that currently has seven salons in London and a renowned school. Also, Tony Rizzo is the creator of Alternative Hair Show, the 40 years old philantrophic event that raises funds for fighting child leukaemia ang gathers more than 5000 hairdressers every year in London’s Royal Albert Hall. In 2021 he was awarded with the International Hair Legend title at the International Hairdressing Awards. 

Anthony Mascolo (UK)

Anthony Mascolo is an icon to generations of hairdressers. Constantly pushing boundaries and striving to elevate his conceptual ideas to an ever-higher level, Anthony believes on-going training leads to progression and success. His philosophy is to constantly share knowledge and inspire others. Anthony founded the TIGI International Creative Team in 2003. Leading the creation of TIGI image collections, Anthony’s creativity is seen through his hairdressing and photography. He also leads TIGI global shows, working closely with his wife, TIGI makeup director, Pat Mascolo. In 2023 he was awarded with the International Hair Legend title at the International Hairdressing Awards. 

Luis Romero (Spain)

Luis Romero is one of the most recognized Spanish hairdressers, with a career of more than fifty years at the forefront of the profession. From his base in Zaragoza, Luis Romero has developed an unparalleled career as a trainer, team manager, president of numerous professional associations and stylist. Luis Romero currently runs seven hair salons and has also launched his own lines of cosmetic products. 

Anabela Pereira (Portugal)

Anabela Pereira boasts over 33 years of dedicated expertise as the founder of Manubela Hairdressers, a sanctuary celebrated for its commitment to excellence. Beyond her role as a salon owner, she has ventured into product creation, introducing a line that brings the quality of professional care into clients’ homes. Anabela extends her influence through the Anabela Pereira Academy, shaping the next generation of hairdressing professionals.  

The competition

Every hairdresser from all over the world can take part in the contest by signing up at www.ihawards.com and uploading their photographic collections (4 pictures of 4 different hairdressing styles, professional shooting, hi-res images). Two categories, International Haidresser of the Year and International Artistic Team of the Year, need a pre-selection to take part. The remaining categories (Best International Men’s Collection, Best International Women’s Collection and Best International Avant-Garde Collection) are open to every hairdresser. The two honorific categories (International Hair Legend of the Year and International Hair Influencer of the Year) are delivered by the organizing committee and are not open to general participation. Once the entry period closes, on January 16th 2024, the judges will vote the participating collections and then on February, the finalists will be announced via live streaming. The winners in the five categories will be revealed among the fifteen finalists whose candidacies will be chosen by the jury. 

The organization

The International Hairdressing Awards are an independent beauty company, powered by hairdressers, which has been supported from its beginnings by a main sponsor of international relevance that believes in the message and mission of these awards, Revlon Professional. Also, Estetica Magazine acts as global media partner and The Hair MBA and Salón Look Madrid as sponsors. These brands have made a strong bet and have combined their forces to make this event an international success.

For more information, visit www.ihawards.com


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