18 July 2024

iQ3: the 3rd Generation by GA.MA Professional

The 3rd Generation of the Original iQ3 Smart Hairdryer by GA.MA Professional rethinks the idea of performance to represent the best of Italian design.

Innovation is at the heart of GA.MA’s DNA. And the iQ3, the 3rd generation of the original smart hairdryer, is as light as a smartphone and compact. Moreover, it has incredible power, includes an intelligent operating system, and is energy efficient. With cutting-edge hair care technologies, it is supercharged with innovative updates, bringing it to the next level.

The smart hairdryer equipped with a smart pad

The GA.MA iQ3 now features standby technology that automatically deactivates your hair dryer when placed  on the iQ3 smart pad. This helps guarantee more efficient & sustainable work, thanks to the intelligent automatic shutdown system. The ultimate result is that the iQ3 saves excessive energy use and time.

Mini Size & Weight

Surprisingly, at only 10.4 oz / 0.65 pounds, the iQ3 packs an incredible 1,520W of power. The TURBO function increases the airflow, taking the engine from a standard speed of 110.000rpm to a super speed of 120,000rpm for 30 seconds. Furthermore, the Venturi effect multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, without using extra power.

The extra power also enables you to work more efficiently, comfortably, and wisely. In the meantime, the lighter weight of the iQ3 helps to avoid arm problems due to prolonged use.

Bonus functions of the iQ3!

The incredible antibacterial and rejuvenating properties of Active Oxygen and Negative ions deep clean the scalp and hair. This oxyactive technology protects hair from the damage produced by free radicals, ensures frizz-free. Hair remains more hydrated and regenerated, guaranteeing brighter and longer lasting color treatments (Color Lock).

Even more importantly, you can keep your hair & dryer truly clean with Double-Micro Filters! Indeed, 2 removable & washable filters facilitate daily cleaning. Almost nothing reaches your hair, scalp or the inside of your dryer!

In any case, the new ESystem-C is a allows the iQ3 to detect abnormal working conditions affecting the heat and airflow of the dryer. When something goes wrong, the ESystem-C automatically restores the correct operating temperature and signals the blockage of air. It’s time to clean the hairdryer!

Unlocking Perfect Hairstyling with iQ3 Accessories

Other advantages are the iQ3 accessories so you can create those bespoken looks for your clients.

The Star Nozzle is a patented tool acts as a mini diffuser, volumizer, and scalp protector. It’s great for thin, delicate hair and for curly or wavy hair before finishing with a diffuser.

Instead, the “Cool Grip” Concentrator Nozzle keeps the edges of the nozzles cool for easy removal and repositioning without burning yourself.

Lastly, the Deep Diffuser works magic on curls. It’s ultra-deep for working faster on thicker, more voluminous strands of hair.

Better yet… all these accessories come with a new lock-in feature!

Moreover, the iQ3 comes with 9 extra fabric filters to replace dirty or old ones. These filters are reusable and washable for 50 times to change as many times as you need. Easier than ever!


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