22 February 2024

Colour Opinion – Blonde Transformations in One Client Sitting?

Times and techniques change – and working with hair colour is no exception. Colour opinion on how to lift a client’s hair to blonde has moved on rapidly, thanks in a large part to evolutions in professional hair products. Emma Fowler advocates getting there in just one bleaching session.

Colour Opinion
Goodbye Cowboy Copper – Hello Blonde!

Emma Fowler runs a successful independent education business from her Essex salon – she has a 10k strong Facebook group and has been educating hairdressers for over 15 years, starting as an in-salon assessor, then working with two leading brands as an educator before creating her own independent education business with membership, online courses and sell out masterclasses. Emma was voted 3rd in Hairdressing’s 100 Most Influential People of 2021 by members of the 19.1k strong How To Cut It Hairdressing Community. With strong colour opinion, Emma she specialises in blonde.

Emma is passionate about all colouring and teaches a blend of practical techniques and business skills so that members understand how to market and profit from their colour skills. Emma still works behind the chair herself, but education now accounts for over 97% of her turnover with her practical advice to help stylists tackle this modern era of Instagram colouring very much in demand.

We often hear how Instagram and celebrities encourage clients to want unrealistic blonde transformations. These don’t happen in a day. However, Emma thinks differently: “Like me, when many colourists trained to get a client to blonde you would encourage them to do multiple sets of full heads of highlights,” she says. “This is because back then our techniques were far more limited and we didn’t have the products that we have today.

Realistic Goals

“What I’ve come to realise is that it’s actually better to get your client to blonde in as few bleaching sessions as possible. This is better for the hair health in the long run and actually works out cheaper. If I was going to take the client to blonde in one day it would actually cost less than having them split it out across four full head sessions. That’s exactly how I lay it out at the consultation: there are two options. I can do this in one day and it will cost this amount or we could do it over multiple sessions and it would cost you this, then it’s the client’s choice. I would also explain to them that one bleaching session is healthier for the hair.”

Emma’s party trick is balayage in under 30 mins and her free masterclass, Speed Balayage, is hugely popular, but she’s also queen of the epic colour transformation with her single sitting colour changes the stuff of Instagram legend – see the 11 hour Cowboy Copper to Blonde. Teaching online and in person, Emma offers a mix of learning options including a membership of over 500 hairdressers; 12 and 6 week courses designed to give confidence to the everyday hairdresser; sell out masterclasses at her studio and private education for salon teams.



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