3 March 2024

The secrets behind Enzo Ferrari’s look

Discover the elegant mystery of Enzo Ferrari on the big screen: these are the secrets of his look in the upcoming worldwide release of the movie ‘Ferrari.’

Amidst the imposing hills of Maranello (Modena, Italy), where engines roar and luxury intertwines with speed, the legend of Enzo Ferrari reigns supreme, an iconic figure who captivated the world with his unwavering vision and passion for automotive perfection. This winter, his life and legacy come to life in the highly anticipated film “Ferrari,” directed by the prestigious filmmaker Michael Mann and starring the renowned actor Adam Driver. However, there is an essential component that we cannot overlook: Enzo Ferrari’s impeccable look on the big screen.

How does Adam Driver convincingly embody the iconic founder of Ferrari? The answer lies in the magical hands of the well-known Barcelona-based hairstylist Alexis Continente, the man behind the care of exquisite handmade wigs adorning the actor’s head. In exclusive statements to Estetica, Continente revealed some of the secrets behind Driver’s transformation into “Ferrari.”

For Alexis Continente, the challenge was to handle wigs that not only recreated Enzo Ferrari’s characteristic silver mane but also conveyed his passionate and mysterious personality. “It was a great challenge and, at the same time, a unique experience to work in Modena, the hometown of Ferrari,” Alexis tells us. “The process involved meticulous research of the era and a deep understanding of the essence of the legendary car manufacturer.

The hand-customized wigs by Continente stand out for their authenticity and attention to detail. Every strand of hair, every shade of gray, was meticulously selected to achieve the perfect appearance. Additionally, the hairstylist worked closely with Adam Driver and prosthetic makeup specialist Scott Wheeler to ensure that the wigs fit comfortably and integrated naturally with his performance.

Adam is a young person who just turned 40, and we had to make him look like a well-known character who, in the movie, was 59. My colleague Scott did a great job with prosthetic makeup, and I created the wig that we adapted on top. It was a significant challenge, of course, but the final look is truly very satisfying,” Alexis concludes.

The result is a stunning creation that captures the essence of Enzo Ferrari, from his sophisticated style to his enigmatic presence. The film is set in 1957, and although Enzo’s look remains consistent, Alexis created up to four customized wigs for the film, considering that there are some flashbacks where the protagonist is seen with slightly darker hair, less gray. Each of the wigs has an approximate cost of between 6,000 and 9,000 euros, as they are authentic pieces of craftsmanship, hand-sewn and specially customized for the movie. It’s a spectacular hairstyling job that not only represents a technical achievement but also pays tribute to the legendary figure who forever changed the automotive industry.

This is Alexis Continente’s fourth film with Adam Driver, following “The Last Duel,” “House of Gucci,” and “White Noise,” with the fifth collaboration between the actor and hairstylist, the film “Megalopolis,” directed by Francis Ford Coppola, scheduled for release in 2024.

With “Ferrari” set to dazzle on the big screen starting December 14th in Italy (with the premiere in Spain expected in February), we are eager to see Adam Driver’s performance and Alexis Continente’s masterpiece in action. The film promises to take us on an exciting journey through the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, and his iconic look is just the beginning of what is sure to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.


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