21 April 2024

The Place and Mewies & Co Join Forces in Friendship and Collaborative Excellence

Mewies & Co., the esteemed salon nestled in the heart of Leicestershire, United Kingdom, and The Place, a prestigious hair sanctuary in Switzerland, have joined forces in an extraordinary showcase of the beauty industry’s true essence—friendship, community, and collaboration.

The Place
Michelle & the Mewies & Co. team

Both salons proudly feature Authentic Beauty Concept, a professional brand that supports community, people, and the environment. The start of this remarkable partnership traces back to the 2022 Authentic Beauty Concept Global Community Gathering in Hamburg, where Dan Mewies, co-owner of Mewies & Co., and Michelle Tanner, owner of The Place, crossed paths. This meeting ignited a friendship and a shared vision for a brighter future in the world of hairdressing.

Dan Mewies says: “As soon as I met Michelle, we connected over our shared passion for the craft of hairdressing and a commitment to creating a better community within the industry, and since then the partnership has gone from strength to strength.”

Following their encounter, Jemma and Dan Mewies embarked on a journey to Switzerland, where Michelle, her husband and business partner Alina warmly hosted them. During their visit, the Mewies & Co. power couple provided invaluable training to Michelle’s salon staff, a gesture that laid the foundation for what would become a powerful collaboration.

A Shared Experience

Michelle Tanner, reflecting on their shared experience, stated, “Jemma and Dan’s visit was an incredible learning opportunity for my team, and it strengthened our bond. Their commitment to education and their love for the craft is truly inspiring.”

In return, Michelle and her husband later ventured to the UK, staying with Dan and Jemma Mewies, and offered training to the Mewies & Co. team. This exchange of knowledge and skills deepened the friendships and strengthened the ties between the two salons.

Jemma Mewies commented, “Having Michelle and her husband stay with us was a fantastic experience. We are constantly learning and growing, and their visit was a testament to the incredible potential that collaboration holds.”

This collaborative partnership has continued to flourish, with Dan Mewies recently journeying to Switzerland for a week to offer a guest spot in Michelle’s salon. He provided a full menu of services to her clients and delivered valuable education to her team. This experience further cemented the bond between Mewies & Co. and The Place, exemplifying the extraordinary impact of cross-border collaboration within the hairdressing community.

As a result of this partnership, Jemma Mewies has had the opportunity to take the reins of the daily operations at Mewies & Co., allowing her to leave her unique mark on the salon while fully supporting Dan the collaboration with The Place

The Power of Collaboration

The Mewies & Co. and The Place partnership is not merely a business alliance; it is a testament to the real power of collaboration. Their journey showcases the infinite potential that unfolds when two salon owners come together to strengthen their craft and foster a global community.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the beauty industry’s ability to bridge geographical gaps and create lasting friendships while delivering exceptional services to their clients. With Authentic Beauty Concept as their shared anchor, this partnership is set to continue long into the future, symbolizing a commitment to fostering meaningful relationships in the world of hairdressing.  


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