29 February 2024

Neo Collection by Javier Ventoso

Well-known Spanish hairdresser Javier Ventoso presents us in the latest collection, ‘Neo’, where color takes on absolute protagonism.

With this collection, Javier Ventoso aims to revert classic looks and merge timeless elegance with modern creativity, creating unique and memorable styles. Ventoso conquered the Haute Coiffure Française trophy last October in Paris.

The word “neo” is a prefix that comes from the Greek “neos,” which means “new” or “recent.” This prefix is commonly used in the formation of words to denote a variety of concepts related to the renewal, innovation or reinterpretation of previously existing something.

‘Neo’ is also a journey through geometric shapes that are so important in hairdressing that they are precise and balanced. Let’s go to the volumes with the shape of a heart, with rhizomes that curve like a pentagon, triangular rubios and styles more rounded and widened.

Regarding the clothes styling, this recognized Valencian hairdresser explains: “I love neutral tones, a black and white style so that the color of the hair predominates”. The stylist has created a combination that reflects style, personality and confidence. This is Neo.

Hair: Javier Ventoso
Hair assistant: Oscar Ventoso
Photography: Esteban Roca
Makeup: Bea Torres y Odu Martínez
Clothes styling: Julia Asensio y Javier ventoso
Communication: Óscar Martínez


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