29 February 2024

Dorata Salon in Henley Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Dorata Salon, run by brothers Angelo and Andrea Dorata and their sister Simona have just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Over 70 guests came together to celebrate the trio’s success and creativity.

The Dorata Salon journey began when Angelo set up a salon, initially known as AD. Recognizing the untapped potential with his brother and sister, the trio reshaped the salon into a warm and informal haven for clients. Angelo’s vision emphasized creating a familial atmosphere, with the salon team as an extension of his family and clients as cherished guests. “I wanted to create a salon with an informal, welcoming environment,” he explains. “It was something that I wanted to create for all of my career… The salon is an extension of my home and the team an extension of my family and my clients are my guests. For us, this was important.”

Dorata’s resilience and commitment to excellence allowed the salon to thrive despite the 2008 recession. “Out of the recession, we became a much more established team,” Andrea continues “The salons continued to grow in success, becoming a key account holder for L’Oréal, allowing them to offer more to their clients.”

2nd Salon Launch in Marlow

In 2019, Andrea opened the second branch of Dorata in neighbouring Marlow, which has also thrived despite the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. “The challenge was to be able to perform as well as you could despite all the plastic surronds. It was great when all that was gone, when we could work without it again— it felt like a celebration.” Today, the Dorata family employs 16 dedicated artists across both salons. As Dorata looks backon two decades of success, Angelo expressed gratitude to their loyal customers. “The best compliment is when they come back to us.When we started, we hoped that we would be successful, and in the future, we will push ourselves as much as we can to give more as well as enjoy it.”


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