19 July 2024

Countdown to Christmas – Maximise Profits with a Eye on Mental Wellbeing 

The nightmare before Christmas has begun! We are starting the countdown to Christmas and heading into the busiest – and often the most stressful – month of the year for salons up and down the land.

Countdown to Christmas
 “Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas” (Photo by Joel Fletcher/Online USA)

As the countdown to Christmas gets underway. there’s still time to maximise your business and your profits while caring for your mental health.

‘Quality and Service’ with Roz Orr

Countdown to Christmas

In the countdown to Christmas, salons need to be mindful that clients will be thinking more deeply about where they are going to spend their hard-earned money this festive season. From the minute they walk through your door they expect service levels to be high; from how their refreshments are served, to how you make them feel leaving the salon.

In the run up to Christmas, service and quality levels can drop due to how busy we all are but do it right and your clients will continue to come back for more. Talk to them about colour that complements their look and give them realistic timeframes on how to keep their new look. Having a 3-for-2 deal on all products for the three weeks leading up to Christmas is a great way to sell. Also, offering a gift-wrapping service is always a lovely touch. Roz Orr, Charlie Miller for L’Oreal Professionnel

‘Advertising Overdrive’ with Elena Lavagni

Countdown to Christmas

Normally Q4 is our stronger time of the year, and with this comes an influx of clients wanting their hair done for the holidays. Advertise your services and team through PR, social media, in-salon events, and new letters. This will help to attract new customers and returning customers alike.

Decorate your salon with festive decorations to get both clients and the team into the festive spirit. This will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, adding a unique Christmas vibe to your visitor’s experience. Elena Lavagni at Neville Hair & Beauty for L’Oreal Professionnel

‘Avoid Nasty Surprises’ with Jamie Brooks

Countdown to Christmas

The festive period is an extra-busy time for your team so make sure they are aware of when they will be working over the festive month so they can work on their own columns and personal diaries. This way there are no surprises or disappointments. Even if it gets really busy, make sure the salon has a happy vibe for both clients and your team members.

Make sure you have a team gathering in the diary – whether it’s drinks or pizza after work – with Secret Santas and personal presents to thank them for their hard work. Kind words and gestures can make a big difference to their mood when it’s busy! From gift sets to 3-to-2 offers, make sure your retail offerings are prominently displayed, and stylists talk about what clients can treat themselves to. Jamie Brooks, Brooks & Brooks, London

‘Maintain Your Equilibrium’ with Ria Kulik

Countdown to Christmas

While the financial return may be great to see, your mental and physical health can take a battering. It’s often hard to say ‘no’ during the festive season but it’s important to recognise the symptoms of burnout before it’s too late. It can feel like you are on a relentless hamster wheel, but if you care for yourself first, then you will be able to care for your clients better.

Pick how many hours you are going to work and stick to them, you can’t be accommodating to everyone, and it will encourage clients to become more organised in the future which will help you feel organised in your day to day. Stay away from doing ‘favours’ by coming in early or staying late. Protect yourself and ask them to find another appointment that suits them. Ria Kulik, The HairBank, Urmston, Manchester


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