29 February 2024

Aeternum Collection by Anna Pacitto

“Aeternum” is the latest and captivating hair fashion collection by the prestigious Canadian hairstylist Anna Pacitto.

This whimsical hair fashion collection by the one and only Anna Pacitto conveys a sense of lasting impression. It conjures a feeling of timeless elegance, exuding an enduring allure that transcends fleeting trends. The inherent quality of perpetual beauty within it suggests a lasting and ageless charm that stands the test of time.

Derived from the Latin term for “eternity,” the collection named ‘Aeternum’ not only pays homage to the concept of everlasting time but also captures the essence of enduring beauty and timeless grace. The choice of the Latin word adds a layer of sophistication, hinting at a design philosophy that seeks to transcend the ephemeral nature of fashion, striving for a lasting and ageless appeal.

Pacitto is the winner of numerous prestigious awards, including Canadian Master Hairstylist of the Year (four times), NAHA Master North American Stylist of the Year, and NAHA North American Stylist of the Year. Salon Pure has won three NAHAs as Salon Team of the Year and collectively the Pure group has won 17 NAHA awards. Anna’s list of accomplishments embodies the aspirations of countless hair professionals and make her one of the most empowering and knowledgeable artists on the Davines Artistic Team. Additionally, Pacitto is the current Artistic Director of Intercoiffure America-Canada.

Hair concept and direction: Anna Pacitto
Salon Team: Salon Pure Montreal
Team members: Daniel Benoit, MJ Medeiros, Monia Grieco, Nik Morel, Cynthia Vieilledent, Richard St Laurent, Franco Persechino, Stephane Roy, Zoe Boysen,
Color & products: Davines
Photography: @brianypperciel
Fashion stylist: @florenceodurand
Make-up: @ekaterinaulyanoff @nathan.archambo


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