29 February 2024

The Vanilla Rush Collection by Krisztina Keresztes

The Vanilla Rush Collection by Krisztina Keresztes gets its inspiration from the rich undertones of off-white and pale yellow that define vanilla.

The Vanilla Rush Collection by Krisztina Keresztes delves into the tranquility, elegance, and purity that this hue brings. Vanilla, on its own, represents a serene canvas. When combined with colours like pink, copper, blue, and brown, it awakens in a symphony of visual refinement.

The “Vanilla Girl” aesthetic goes beyond fashion: it’s a complete lifestyle that embraces the pleasures of comfort and luxury. With a creamy palette of luminous hues, this trend translates into a welcoming femininity. Here, neutral outfits, subtle makeup, and impeccable hairstyles predominate, achieving a natural yet stylized and minimalist look. However, this collection seeks to celebrate the diversity of its protagonists. It leaves room for bold adventurers who pair this tone with vibrant colours.

Whether picking up their children from school with their distinctive tone or dazzling at the opera with red heels and lips to accentuate the vanilla, the “Vanilla Girls” prove that authenticity and elegance can coexist. You’ll find them dancing at festivals, confidently walking around the office, or even becoming superheroines on the big screen.

Hair, Make-up & Styling: Krisztina Keresztes Photography & Retouching: Adrian Zaharia Models: Edwina Galicza Oana Sol, Frennie Diaz, Giovana Seserman


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