21 April 2024

Achromatopsia Collection by Michelle Summers Davies

The Achromatopsia Collection makes reference to a condition that limits vision to black, white, and shades of grey. Michelle’s goal was to blend strength with a gentle touch, fusing structure and creativity.

By working with diverse hair textures in my Achromatopsia Collection, I wanted to evoke both strength and fluidity, shaping the hair into imaginative forms” explains Michelle Summers Davies. “The notion of the turtle’s contrasting elements – a resilient shell and a soft core – served as a guiding principle, allowing each style to come alive. From daring fringes to graceful curls and a flawless canvas, the absence of colour highlights the importance of recognising the spectrum of shades between extremes.

“This collection is a reflection of my journey as a barber,,” continues Michelle. It harks back to my early days when I first fell in love with bold angles and clean lines. Those initial influences run deep in this collection, with movement infused throughout.”

Hair: Michelle Summers Davies at Michelle Davies Hair, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire Assisted by: Georgia Davies and Claire John Make-up: Drew Suleman Photography: Narita Savoor 


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