19 July 2024

Insouciant Collection by Lisa Vann

‘Insouciant’ is the latest hair fashion collection from texture queen Lisa Vann from Vann Studio in Seattle, Washington.

This collection was designed by the amazing Lisa Vann for the release of her latest looks in color, texture, cut and style for a soft launch at Intercoiffure America/Canada show last October in Chicago.

The ‘Insouciant’ collection artfully embraces a casual lack of concern and an air of indifference, effortlessly transcending traditional notions of perfection. The hallmark of this collection lies in its deliberate departure from the meticulous, embracing instead the subtle allure of soft, undone textures in the hair. Each strand is purposefully tousled, evoking a sense of carefree elegance that goes beyond conventional standards. The beauty of ‘Insouciant’ resides not in meticulously styled locks but in the harmonious composition of the overall image. It’s a celebration of the imperfectly perfect, where each tousled wave and tousled strand contributes to a captivating, effortlessly chic aesthetic. The collection invites individuals to embrace a nonchalant sophistication, redefining beauty by shifting the focus from pristine precision to the enchanting allure of relaxed, artfully disheveled styles.

Hair & Fashion Stylist: Lisa Vann
Photo: John Rawson assisted by Paul Gill
Makeup: Orlando Leon Marin
Designer: Deonte Weathers
Post Production: Hume Retouch & John Rawson


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